iBM - Fifth of Magog

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  • [ – ] TheFinerPrint reply Oh dude, thanks for that shoutout, our collab was to me the way a collab should be, I enjoyed working on it with you and I enjoy watching it. Keep those Jew jokes rolling buddy!
  • JonTheBemused reply I have to quibble with your description of Google. They might not think they are evil. They might think they are doing the right thing. And that is exactly what makes them so evil. Self-righteous fanatics imposing their "morality" on every one only ends very, very badly for everyone who isn't them. And I agree with you. Stop using Google, though you never answered my question about which Email client to use. Because I want to ditch Gmail, but don't want to cycle through several clients in order to get there.
  • Church_of_Kek reply Im a big fan of magog 5th not that it will affect google but will see how much strength the other side has. Like all purity test will keep pushing people out until there is no one left to censor as i always say some people read 1984 as a how to manual.
  • Vipersword100 reply I'm not having a conniption.
  • [ – ] Edgewood reply Mostly lack of echo, but I also like the nostalgia. True, it might be unprofessional...but hey. It works. And besides, who says one has to be completely professional for babble mode? But yeah, I do agree. I like his idea, but it's not likely to work. If anything, it'll likely encourage them to do something even more stupid or give a green light for something to surprise us with when we return-such as the surprise changes they did to the site layout yesterday. It's not severe,'s different. Kinda like Netflix now. And yeah, I've got a fun time ahead of me when it comes to getting my things off Google. Due to my computer being a bit lacking in space, I've got documents to move, files to yank back, and sites to change my email address on. DuckDuckGo's not too bad, and Brave's okay...but they need time to work out more dints. Hopefully you adjust to the medicine, eh?
    • manicidiot parent reply Hopefully, so. Been kind of a subtle up and down ride. I've a couple of weird side effects, but hopefully they will pass. I'd like to see people do as Magog suggests, but any real change will only occur if people stop using a service. That's how companies work.
  • HooDooBrown reply Youtube has turned into an amalgamation of Skynet and the Ministry of Truth. Honestly I don't think content creators should stop uploads for Youtube. They should just do what you did and have a video that redirects them to this or something else. That way you get the best of both worlds, you get more promotion and promotion for the upload site of your choice.
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