100 Days of Making Comics: Day 76- Page 14

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  • [ – ] MarshallLee reply Sup dude finally checking out this vidme thing!
    • doomx2001 parent reply Welcome to Vidme! Glad your here! It is a really cool place. If you are able to build up a big audience people can tip you, you can get paid subscribers, and now they are monetizing videos through ads. For the most part, you can make any kind of video you want and not be worried about censorship. With one exception. But I an't saying!!! LOL! I love the community here. Good people overall. Most of the people on Vidme right now are content creators themselves. So they tend to comment and react to videos and just overall supportive community. Things I've learned here I've carried over to my Youtube channel. I just really enjoy Vidme. And no, this isn't a paid plug, LOL! Speaking of plug, I'd like to mention that MarshallLee has videos that are superior in quality to mine and has just overall really good channel. So to anyone reading this check his stuff out (assuming he has videos up here, if not he's Youtube as well!). Glad your here man!
  • euanaustin reply Nearly there! :)
  • TheBrewMonks reply Looking good CB! Your vein work looks great. Cannot wait to see this book finished.
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