Armoured Skeptic vs Kristi Winters - Morals, Ethics, and the Culture War

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  • JonTheBemused reply And this is why I avoid these types of dramas involving that assortment of vipers. They bring nothing good to the debate. It is all about point scoring and sophistry. As for AS & SoH, I have no time for them either. Most of all, I have no time for demanding that the other side do anything. Each person must make up their own mind and act and speak accordingly. All we can do in response is point out what they say, and what they do not. But guilt by association, the "crime" alleged against Fistie by Greg, is BS. That is one of their tactics, and it should be treated with disdain, not engaged in return. At least, that is my opinion, for what it is worth (sod all).
  • yourjokingright reply Fisty is a arrogant smug bitch&Steve is a spinless bitch.Rolands is a potato and demovatior option are her little dumb puppies.
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