Dr. Mac Treats Granny Neck Lesion, Gators & More!

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  • JohnGilmoreMD reply There continues to be some confusion about this video. So please let me clarify. I am not the treating physician in this video. Dr. Mac is a physician in our clinic who treated "Granny". He did his best to help her after she was released from the ER with an undrained abscess. The circumstances are far less than ideal but he did his best to help her. My objective was to share "Granny's" story, not to spotlight Dr. Mac's surgical skills. If you want to gripe about the fact that this was too painful for her let me suggest you direct your anger toward the facility and doctors (The ER) that should have taken care of this in the first place. She should have been admitted, taken to the OR and had this abscess drained... along with initiation of proper diabetes care. By the time she got to us the situation was much worse and we are not a surgical center. Dr. Mac did the best he could in the circumstances and I salute him. He cared enough to treat "Granny" for no reimbursement and al...moreso got her the diabetes care she needed. Also for no reimbursement. That's true love for one another as we were taught by The Great Physician. Thank you for reading this and for your understanding. ~JG
  • [ – ] Proudauntiex3 reply Dr. G., I had an almost identical cyst a little lower on my neck that was infected. I had it drained by a local head and neck surgeon after it became acutely infected and I can tell u, no matter what Dr. Mac did, when it is infected like that numbing it fully isn't possible sometimes. I was in a good bit of pain myself and remained stoic until later having it drained in the OR under general anesthesia. It had tunneled down to the spine so obviously needed a deeper excision then a Wound Vac. So for those critiquing Dr. Mac, realize with infections/abscesses, they are often difficult to numb fully. I also went wout insulin for over a year so I also applaud his efforts with helping her get proper diabetic care!
    • JohnGilmoreMD parent reply Everyone's experience is different with these. You are correct, Auntie, it is more difficult to get enough anesthesia when a wound is infected. Like I mentioned in an earlier post... ideally she would have been treated in the OR. Thanks for coming over here and watching our videos!
  • [ – ] BobbieMcC reply Yes Dr. G, I do realize that you weren't the treating physician, but I assumed that all the doctor's in your facility would have the same attitude about keeping the patients as pain free as possible. However, as you may have guessed, I spoke without knowing or understanding all of the facts. For that I sincerely apologize, to you and especially to Dr. Mac. Thank you for taking the time to explain more of the details, such as pain when a person is diabetic. I always learn from your videos, and this one was no exception. Sincerely, BobbieMcC
    • JohnGilmoreMD parent reply It's all good Bobbie, There were several people who did not realize that they weren't seeing me treating the patient. We can both agree that the care she received was more under an emergency situation where pain control was less than ideal. Sometimes pain is just a part of what we have to deal with even though we don't like it. Thanks for your input.... it is always valuable!
    • artistpurple parent reply Let me tell you Dr Mac, you did the best you could with a dreadful situation! I had an infected abscess in my groin a few years ago and boy did it hurt! The area wouldn't numb up at all so had to grin and bare it. The poor dr was more upset than I was. Drs aren't robots you have feelings and emotions no matter who you treat. I think you did an amazing job and very much hope Granny is doing well. Amanda.
  • cheri1958 reply I am devistated by your hospital E.R.'s in Texas. But so thankful there are so many amazing Dr.s. Thank you for sharing this Granny. You are precious.
  • [ – ] droberts36 reply I hope she did come back for follow up care and to have the packing removed, etc.
  • [ – ] BobbieMcC reply I usually don't have problems watching your videos, but it's impossible for me to watch all of this when, even after the numbing shots, Granny was obviously still in pain. What happened to the promise of more numbing medication if she still hurt??
    • [ – ] Bonanny parent reply Very often numbing infected lesions doesn't completely numb it. All the numbing agent in the world won't change that.
      • JohnGilmoreMD parent reply I think we reach a point were the continued addition of the lidocaine becomes as painful as the procedure. So we reach a point of diminished return.
    • JohnGilmoreMD parent reply Before we go further... you do realize that I'm not the treating physician in this video, right?
  • [ – ] artistpurple reply Well done Dr Mac, great camera work Dr G. I can't believe they turned her away! I have had a couple of nasty abscesses they hurt a lot!! I also have diabetes. My heart really went out to Granny. Hope she's feeling much better now. Amanda.
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