DNC Fraud Lawsuit: Shocking Conclusion and Fallout

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  • [ – ] TheTrue reply So the Clintons and the DNC are above the law and allowed to rig presidential primaries? The law is a lie, justice is a product to be purchased by the highest bidder with the better leverage. Disgusting! If the law is not the same from high to low, then you have corruption and tyranny.
    • [ – ] Ducksmack parent reply This government is neither for the people nor by the people... it is a fraud in which they impose their will threw intimidation and violence. They are neither held too the laws they have created nor do they follow the rules in which they imposed upon themselves, therefore they are lawless tyrannical despots.
      • TheTrue parent reply Well that is intro to the swamp 101. The corrupt sewer we find ourselves in is not what was ever intended.
  • Rage_By_Nightfall reply The democrats are always in some kind of racket. lol.
  • mattytripps reply I cant believe that such a huge amount of Stefan's fans still watch his videos on youtube.
  • Auceza reply Bernout & Debfraud.
  • soulrecycler1122 reply thank you both for this! the 2 party system is an illusion.Our collective oppressors control and protect these traitors thru horrific blackmail and demonic greed bribery.You MUST be compromised in SOME way to proceed in the political spectrum.They,the us politicians serve the money changers-"THEY" are zionists and this monster controls the us bunghole media. Please do not engage with the govt. Find ways around the establishment. Do not pay for your own deception.Find ways to cripple their system.
  • esperan2k reply Can we just be honest that the reason for the dismissal is because the judge didn't want to "commit suicide" like the two witnesses did?
  • OxAcientOrder reply I think it is the format type that Stefan is using that doesn't allow us to use different speeds. If that can be changed that would be helpful. Thank you
  • RayOfHope reply http://www.thetruthaboutthelaw.com/
  • mattytripps reply Vidme is pissing me off again it keeps buffering with a 4g lte connection
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