Star Wars 40th Anniversary Figures RANT

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  • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector reply get the 2010 clone shuttle you will not be disappointed, that was the last item I bought before I quit my stupid job because the supervisor was just so mean and cruel to people as well as mean to me,
    • [ – ] irbear parent reply I'll check into that. Sorry about the job:-(
      • Star_Wars6collector parent reply here is my video to show you how to get rid of all lower back pain
      • Star_Wars6collector parent reply and that was my 4th year back there,
      • Star_Wars6collector parent reply so you can see why I quit my job, no more stress and I don't ever want to work construction again,
      • Star_Wars6collector parent reply drivers are not allowed to work past 12 hours and that's a DOT regulation that they never followed for the last 7 years before this season, so for sure if they got audited they would have huge fines for forcing people to work super long hours, I learned how to heal my own back because my hip was out of place, I made a video on that if you want to know how to get rid of your lower back pain,
      • Star_Wars6collector parent reply so that's what happened, how could a supervisor knowing some ones situation do that, he knew I had no vehicle so he could have sent one of the other drivers to the airport because they wanted a few semi's there, yet he deliberately picked on me because I did not have a vehicle and he said if I can't drive to the airport then I don't have a job there, yet I was waiting for my first paycheck back for the start of the season to get a nicer car, he had all his favorites working most of the winter, plus he had threatened everyone many times with our jobs saying if we don't do what he says or question anything then he has a whole stack of resumes to replace us with because last year he was verbally assaulting people and yelling at people, and when people went to the association (not a union)to complain about how he treats people they didn't do anything, and this supervisor, so the people that tried to get something done about this never got called back, and this supervisor is known for yelli...moreng and be littling people, it used to be a good place to work until this mean german because a truck supervisor to mirco manage every thing, mean while he over works people runs over the 12 hours a day law and that can be proven from the wage amount people are forced to work, some people like to work every day, the asphalt worked even longer days and they did not care if people had families or a life, so it was not a good place to work, I hope that Nelson River construction gets an audit,
      • Star_Wars6collector parent reply plus two weeks after a started I did not have a vehicle yet so I was getting rides to the yard, I had saved up slowly over the winter and was also waiting on my car dealer to find me a lower priced vehicle, but this supervisor who knew my situation made me go to a different location that was 30 to 45 minutes away from the yard, so I was getting a car within a day or so, so this is what happened, I did my job for the day and the supervisor said to go home, so then I called for my ride to come, so when I got to the yard to park my semi truck one of the other workers/driver was there and said that I have to unhook my truck and hook up to another trailer, so I called the supervisor to check what trailer I had to hook up to, then he never mentioned anything else, so then I get off, then the worker/driver that was in the yard said I had to drive the semi to the airport so that would be another 45 minutes in rush hour traffic and I had already worked 10.5 hours, and to top it off the semi tra...moreiler that I had hooked up to had a flat and that worker/driver called the tire guy to come fix it, so that would be another hour or so to wait just to get that tire fixed, so I said I am going home and if he wants me to take my truck I could drive it there in the morning because no one would have been driving it because the day was already over, plus that other worker was told to drive his own personal vehicle to the airport to take me back to the yard, so I said I am not going to and I could take it in the morning and then get a ride back with someone at the end of that work day, so I went home because my ride showed up, so I left, then the supervisor called me and said that he was going to take it to night with some other driver and said we need to communicate better, not mentioning that he was the one that said to go home in the first place, so two days later that supervisor wrote me up for it as a discipline and warning, How can he give me a written warning when I am in my right to not work past 10 hours if I chose not to, construction is after 10 hours you get paid over time, we get screwed out of the first two because this province is corrupt, plus we never get any real breaks driving the gps would prove that,
      • Star_Wars6collector parent reply well why would I work for a mean supervisor, I adjusted my 5th wheel so the weight would not be on the front steering tires, the DOT was very nice and let me off a huge fine I would have received for over weight even tho the load was legal weight, so that mean supervisor told me to put the 5th wheel back how he set it when it is not up to him I am the driver of that semi, so he forced me to leave because I was on a set run hauling gravel to the airport when he purposely pulled me out to go to the location he was at just to see if I put my 5th wheel back to the setting he had adjusted it to(so the front weight would always be heavy on the front axel), so I drove my semi back to the yard and parked my semi and quit, I can't work for someone that sabotages my job, the whole point of adjusting the 5th wheel is to equalize the load weight that is why you adjust it, if all the weight keeps coming up heavy on the front every time you make the correct adjustment,
  • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector reply you have to make more video's on your collection
  • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector reply that is awesome and very true how you make Hasbro look very stupid for having bad business sense
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