Knowing God exists - Skit 3

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  • Ekkman reply Jesse, I don't know how to answer on this site since this is the first comment I had. I still say everything we do, we do by faith. Just as we exercise faith in God and he has proven himself to me over and over so I don't NEED to SEE him to know he is real and there and everywhere. I KNOW him personally. I commune with him. He heals me, meets my needs, teaches me, etc and it seems like leave everything to JUST the eyes and there are many things your eyes have not seen that you believe in. Right? OR do you just believe in what you see? You might SEE your birth certificate like Obama has been his BUT NOW we know it is a fake so let's hope yours is not fake so you will still have something to believe in, your eyes since I am sure you seem to think that is all you need to make life a reality, so to speak.
  • jesse_ reply He believes his parents exist because they looked him in the eyes told him so.
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