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  • MadFurryMGTOW reply Gee another example that they also did to a classic t.v. series. POWER RANGERS, (with a lot more leftist bullshit). Personally adaptations and remakes from Phonywood is really starting to piss me off
  • [ – ] Hann_lockhart reply Still getting used to this Vidme, just discovered you- good stuff.
    • GoMGTOW parent reply Mentioned your channel on my recent top ten! :D
    • GoMGTOW parent reply Thank You sir .... Prep Torrent sends his regards! :D It's good to have you on the team! I created this channel and it's listing to be a resource hub for the MGTOW community so we don't find ourselves scattered to the wind when YT goes dark. :)
  • [ – ] Unhipalmond360 reply I will go watch this movie because I have always wanted a Wonder Woman movie to be made. Unfortunately this movie finally got made during the Age of 3rd Wave Feminism. So I will be watching it with low expectations. Plus I would like to do a MGTOW movie review about it. The DCU movie series is doing subpar and if WW reeks of feminism, it will put the final nail in the DCU movie franchise coffin.
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