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  • [ – ] lewren reply How about being consistent. Either no-one gets to use any slurs, or people stop self censoring. Seeing how the former wont happen anywhere any time soon, its pronounced NIGGER, not "N-word with ER at the end".
    • [ – ] lewren parent reply Btw, American is not a race- its a country. You belong to the caucasoid race. Black people (specifically from the continent of Africa), are of the negroid race.
      • [ – ] Tarrabyte parent reply It's very tricky to talk about that's why it's so hard to be consistent. Also my adhd got in the way likely and I didn't realize it. Mybad. I know it is, HOWEVER I'm white and on the internet, I can't get away with saying any form of that word without shit getting thrown at me. So I'll take my chances NOT saying it. OK Then it's a nationality. Not a race. But I would rather say I'm irish/scottish. I'm not sure if your mad at this.
        • [ – ] lewren parent reply Sure, its hard to talk about and be consistent if you're going to let other people tell you what you can and can not say. You know, where I'm from, I can get several years in prison for saying the word Nigger. Where you are from, you are protected by your constitution and can make any sound you wish with your mouth without fearing the state. You really should cherish what your forefathers have fought for and use that right. I just don't get you Americans. You have all the freedom in the world, yet you let it slip right through your fingers because someone gets upset or angry. Its just a matter of time before some idiot fucks up your constitution and you to will have to fear the state for certain thoughts and words. But I fully understand there are people that are ready to use violence if you use certain words, those are the ones that people need to stand up to. Also, your video was on racism. Irish and Scots aren't races either :) They are also caucasoids. No, just striking up a conv...moreersation :)
          • [ – ] Tarrabyte parent reply OH WHATEVER... You know what I mean at this point. Well, technically you can't yell fire or bomb in almost any place. or SARS. You say sars anywhere basically, you have to shut that shit down ASAP
            • [ – ] lewren parent reply Yes you can, as long as you don't case damage to people or property by doing so.
              • [ – ] Tarrabyte parent reply You just even said you don't live in the US. Go get on a plane and come here and then as you're leaving yell "bomb!" and see what happens. People will freak out. then you have SARS, extremely rare that will cause respiratory virus and it's also very contagious. Fire is obvious. Again, these are the top 3 things that can get you arrested
                • [ – ] lewren parent reply They sure will. And its not illegal to freak people out, or make them mad in the US, that much I know. As I said, as long as you don't do physical or financial harm to people or businesses, you are good to go.
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