OP;ED - The Supposed Red Pilling of Laci Green

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  • znushu reply Laci Green is only "taking the red pill" because she wants more money. period. Think about it for a moment. Why is she doing this now, of all times? Youtubes ad rev has been going down hill and it doesn't look like it's going to bounce back this time. Also lets not forget that whole YoutubeTV thing either. Why is this important? Simply Put, Laci Green earns most of her income off of youtube from the looks of it. But since youtube is going downhill and since she is getting mostly negative press. She is now trying to attract a audience that'll follow her and then she'll be able to earn some income wherever so goes once she's "proven" to have changed, when in reality she hasn't and is only doing this change as a means of earning keeping a roof over her head. Once she knows that she has acquired a good enough following of users who like the "new" here. She'll then announce something along the lines of "hey, I'm going to delete this channel and I'll be starting a new channel on this si...morete here. Go over here to continue watching my videos!" or whatever. It's a classic PR move. Rebrand and Resell and the product in this case is herself. I don't care what that lady does or says she is like. To me, she's someone to avoid and not worth to listening too. This was my take on this "laci green" trying to "change" deal.
  • [ – ] Politiekman reply I agree with most of your skepticism. However, I'm willing to give her a chance. She's 26-ish now, which is means her brain has developed quite rapidly over the past few years. Although neurobiology is not my field, as far as I know the brain matures around 25-26 years of age. Hence, I find it plausible that she's actually had a chance of heart. I do hope she speaks to people who actually know what they're talking about. Ideally I'd like her to talk to yourself, Stardusk, Bane666au or one of the Honeybadgers. I feel that conversation would be much more interesting than one with your average rational™ skeptic™
    • paperfoxx7 parent reply She's changed a lot from when she was first on YouTube, so I don't see how she can't have changed further. Early to mid 20s is when you mature a lot, so it would be perfectly plausible to see young people change their minds on these complicated subjects a lot. Also, he mentions the Red Pill documentary, which is a feminist going out and talking to MRAs and changing her mind on a lot of issues because she was given new evidence and new ideas (she says at the end she doesn't even call herself a feminist anymore). But the idea of Laci changing her mind is impossible? Kinda ridiculous.
  • [ – ] Lord_of_Fire reply Thunderf00t mentioned something similar regarding the atheist/anti-feminist/skeptic™ community, how he has seen it degenerate from a niche market to a popular craze, and how that ended up poisoning it, so I fear you may be on to something. As for: Laci, didn't she basically admit in that red pill video that she was acting as some sort of character for the past few months, despite being supposedly red-pilled? So what part of it was genuine, and what was fake, I wonder? And yeah, not abiding to her terms is probably a good idea, lest you want the discussion to go the way she wants to, not how you want it. Still, regardless of her motives, if she's indeed willing to talk things through and change her mind (which will probably take a while, hence why she still believes most of the BS she's spouted for all that time), I don't see why she doesn't deserve a chance. Just don't let your guard down when doing so, in case she's trying to pull the wool over our eyes.
    • [ – ] paperfoxx7 parent reply It's almost like he wants his own "skeptic" echo chamber. I don't get what evil things she can do other than present bad arguments, which you should be able to refute, especially when you get paid to make videos online refuting those arguments.
      • [ – ] peromiestilounico parent reply Its more about mtv getting in the way what.is.gonna happen when someone in the.skeptic comunity gets on money they will keep it straight or they become sell outs for mtv
        • paperfoxx7 parent reply I don't think that anything on her youtube channel is related to her contract with mtv (I think I remember he mentioning it in the Blaire White debate but I don't watch Laci so I might be wrong). Discussion/contracts over monetization of debate videos would have to be worked out regardless of who is debating, because pretty much all of the major youtubers do it for a living.
  • Natanahel reply But rageafterstorm was attacked for saying THE TRUTH about race and dem juice, RIP.
  • tonygreene113 reply What would happen if she ate a red and a blue pill?
  • Ravenslight09 reply She's going back to school for public health, I rather not be a guinea pig for her thesis or PhD! Agree your assessment!
  • John_Sheppard reply she is following the money.
  • Bombiz reply why is this Weird Wide Web? shouldn't it be in BrainFood?
  • GoMGTOW reply The only person Laci "Tits" Green cares about, is Laci Green.
  • Barbarian_Ben reply Anti-SJW channels are becoming over-saturated and YouTube fucked up everyone's income. But, that kind of feeds into your MTV conjecture. If everyone is desperate for cash, why not MTV debates? And by debates, I mean shouting matches, because damn academic rigor to the fiery pits of hell.
  • RPGenius reply Typical woman trying to climb the social ladder. If being an SJW or feminist was as hip as it was back in 2012, then she would still making degenerate videos.
  • paperfoxx7 reply 1) The economic argument is pretty pointless considering almost everyone on either side of the debate is trying to beat down the doors of their subs asking for Patreon money. If she's compromised, all of you are. 2) Even if she doesn't change her mind, I want to see the conversations. I don't like Laci, haven't for a long time, even when she was in the atheist community. However, if she is willing to have tough conversations with people on these issues then I want to watch. The """"skeptic"""" community is becoming inbred (not as much as feminism, but it's much older) because it's a bunch of people responding to the same events and videos over and over. It's pointless, because even if you're wrong, you have no one to challenge your points who isn't on the other "side", and you're not going to take them seriously. This video proves that, because you're basically saying "she's on the other side so I wouldn't even have a conversation". I'm looking forward to the community dying, beca...moreuse every time there's a community in these kinds of subjects (atheism, feminism) it gets overrun with trash arguments. They get propped up because it becomes and "us vs. them" situation, until both sides collapse.
  • DEATH_ILLUMINATE reply I know the truth about Laci's red pilling. She met a real man and he was a musician :P~~~~
  • Eggm4n reply Apparently, she's got a new show to promote, so she's following the money and fanbases of the Skeptic community/anti - sjw crowd.
  • lewren reply I think you are spot on in regards to her economic interest
  • JadeJicama reply It took a couple of videos before I even realized what Laci had done, but, my thinking on the whole situation is: That'll be fun, if she backs her words up with actions, and the reaction from people who used to give her ass pats, you know? Ex 'friends', will probably be the biggest wedge in returning to full on feminism.
  • [ – ] Politiekman reply The logic in the paper is somewhat consistent, but since the premise is fundamentally flawed, I still consider it pseudo-science. However, what I found most nonsensical, was the second half, where she promoted the alternative way of defining race and gender. Basically it said "if you're not oppressed, you cannot be a woman", which is a ridiculous notion.
    • Politiekman parent reply oh and by the way: the 'deadnaming a trans woman' was later changed in the paper. When I read it (2 weeks or so ago) it had a note that the name had been 'corrected'.
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