Antifa Justified In Self Defense During Police Attack

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply Using your free speech to stop their free speech, isn't free speech it's ANTIFA. Sharia Law will shut down ANTIFA some day. and according too your own words it will be their right to do so. Muhammad was a pedophile and took hundreds of women as sex slaves. Islam has 37 different names for slave. That is how bad it was they had 37 types of slaves. Muhammad married a 6 Yr. old, how did she consent to this marriage. Then he decided to RAPE her when she was 9 Yr. old. 175,000,000 murdered when ISLAM invaded INDIA, MILLIONS murdered when ISLAM invaded INDIA, It's your right to protest, one day ISLAM will shut down your rights and you'll be called racist. World leaders unite to support Charlie Hebdo.
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