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  • [ – ] JustAnOpinion reply What a great Game!!!!!
  • [ – ] alexinwonderland reply Also i love how you glitched the upgrade bot. I couldn't even catch the damn thing my first time.
  • [ – ] harjar reply Nice! GG Jenn!
    • [ – ] AwesomeJenn parent reply I'm doing my best in this. xD It's hard as shit.
      • [ – ] alexinwonderland parent reply oh, don't worry. Soon muscle memory will take over and you'll be doing it without thinking. That's how the Doom games go, just some of us have been practicing since the early '90s (; My tips: never stand still. Standing still is faster death. Also I'd love to hear your thoughts more. I know it's intense but I'd love to hear you say so.
        • AwesomeJenn parent reply I played the original Doom as well, but it has been so long. And I allways died in it too a lot. It's all about killing and brutality to demons. xD Thank you for the tip though, it's kind of hard for me to move and shoot so much. Sure! My thoughts are always on top while I commentate.
      • [ – ] harjar parent reply It looks fun I still do not have the game.
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