London attack exposed as a staged hoax by live TV news and a yellow intact sign

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  • [ – ] smallbrook reply I'd guess that 9.20 footage was shot from the roof or a high window on the QE2 conference center,-0.1267635,178a,35y,291.16h,44.96t/data=!3m1!1e3 High quality camera already in place.
    • [ – ] Hoaxashian parent reply annie logical did an upload on that its from altitude 360 =666 they filmed the fake 'footage'
      • [ – ] smallbrook parent reply Thanks - I'd worked that out, though I didn't connect the shady Henry Jackson society with Millbank Tower. I was writing about the live footage at around -6.00 showing the Bonds van which must have been shot from the QE2.
  • JabbaTrophynol reply This is much more user friendly than jewtube
  • [ – ] BigRedPill reply Great video, but you are mistaken about the CCTV not working. Only 75 of Westminster council's CCTV were shut down, and almost none of them were around Parliament Square. The first half of the Sky footage is proof, as it's a feed directly from a fixed CCTV camera opposite Parliament, not from a helicopter. There are also tens of thousands of HD cameras still in operation by TFL (Transport for London) who use them for tracking cars and reading number plates for the congestion charge zone, plus the Met Police's own cameras, and Parliament's own cameras, as well as thousands of private cameras and others on government buildings, MI6 etc. There are dozens more CCTV at each end of the bridge and all working! Here's a street view of just 3 on the wall outside Parliament where the car "crashed":
    • [ – ] smallbrook parent reply ITN news has a news flash and they already have a high zoom quality lens on top of Millbank House at 7 Millbank to provide images Go figure!,-0.1257594,3a,37.5y,203.49h,95.26t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sYedLaStoGqDxXzcDivxwHg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
    • [ – ] Hoaxashian parent reply ok looking forward to seeing the high definition unaltered unpixelated footage with accurate time stamps
      • [ – ] BigRedPill parent reply We would all love to see that, but we never will, as I'm sure the tapes have been confiscated and will be destroyed, which is why that fact alone proves it's all a false flag hoax. Loads of working high definition cameras (conveniently giving access to Sky news minutes later), but no actual footage! Just like the Nice truck attack, where the road was lined with working CCTV cameras but magically no actual footage of the event. Same with the Bataclan theatre etc. I just wish more people would wake up, but I fear humans are too dumb and just go with the group think mode. This is so depressing as this false flag hoax test shows how naïve and gullible the public are, and so we will just get more of this over and over, until a complete Police State is oppressing us. PS. Did you see the Daily Mail's first article, was posted just 7 minutes after the shooting, with a photo and interview! That again shows it was all set up, cameramen at the ready: Article here, look at the time published and ...morethe first shot “2:35”:
  • rory69 reply The NWO is here already, it just hasn't pulled its mask off.
  • [ – ] Hoaxashian reply please note this is NOT my original video, it was sent to me during the night, because i couldnt sleep i got up at 5 am and downloaded it ,l when i got up again at 10 am the video had been removed but luckily i had made a copy, please re upload and distribute widely
  • LOTJO reply Google is run by the criminals in power, and it is controlled garbage, not a real "company". Their censorship of reality is criminal.
  • Hoaxashian reply this was another video removed by Google. please share this data
  • AndyMoreton007 reply ***I dont know why my comment repeatedly isnt showing but at 9:30 watch the left hand of screen at the side road for 10-15 seconds - a grey SUV style vehicle, like the hyundai, comes out of here, across both lanes , behind red bus & up on to kerb right in to place!!!!!!
  • Senny_sen reply This is another way of, invading oil rich countries. Especially now that countries are dropping the dollar. So as per usual when USA suffers, we have to participate. It funny how no one, has realised that brussel attack happened on Skulls and bones birthday 322 and a year later we have Westminster attack.
  • Dana_W reply One of the problems we have here is a different use of words like "pavement" In the states, when we hear pavement, that means the roadway itself. Apparently in London, pavement means sidewalk. We call that pedestrian strip the sidewalk. So when I hear commentary or read an article and it says "mounted the pavement" over here we'd say "jumped the curn and ran up on the sidewalk" or something as equally detailed. Can anyone tell me the average height of the curb on either side? In some places it looks like there is no curb between the roadway and the sidewalk.
  • Dana_W reply A friend of yours or a follower linked this on my YouTube channel. Nice stuff. Come see my work on Dallas
  • Theydontlikeitupem reply Great work Hoaxashian and also with your 'Anti Troll' vids. A bit of background anyone can find with a google search on Radoslaw Sikorski who supposedly took the raw footage and gave eyewitness account to the bbc: He was a member of the Bullingdon club having been initiated by none other than Boris Johnson. He also attended last year's Bilderberg Conference in Dresden
  • [ – ] dboss reply The BBC man (it's interesting that the film fades out to the next scene before he passes the yellow sign) and other witnesses (Ismael) say the car went straight. However the Guardian´s route map of the car has it leaving and then entering the pavement again after the yellow sign. I suspect they'll eventually have to settle for the zigzag route to deal with the problem of the yellow sign As for the long distance security camera film the debunkers will point out that you can´t see the part of the bridge (first pillar second lamp post from the South) where the sign is. Everything suggests there was no car mowing down people on the bridge but then where did the crashed car suddenly materialise from?
    • AndyMoreton007 parent reply Skip to 9:30 look at left hand side of screen, theres a side road, a small white van comes out then a larger grey SUV type CAR COMES ACROSS BOTH LANES BEHIND THE RED BUS & UP ON TO THE KERB! Unsure if disappears as it drives further along or our angle means its up against the fence cos we are pn the oposite side to it (just before Robert Nesbitt comes on & the other end is all sealed)
    • Hoaxashian parent reply hitting the kerb at an acute angle at high speed will make the car unsteerable
  • BD007Marky reply I forgot to ask. Why was it pulled from YouTube? I will make your VidMe Channel part of my video when I do a follow-up to your video here. BTW I used that clip with the Polish Diplomat, but I so missed the Yellow Sign. Did buddy do a Starsky and Hutch and avoid that one sign and continued on his rampage?
  • smallbrook reply Have a chuckle at the ridiculous Guardian diagram of the 'attack' It makes zero sense yet the sheep lap it up.
  • Zephyrs reply Where is the footage from the camera at 9:20ish to go on the video? Surely that would be a perfect angle to capture all that happened?
  • [ – ] JabbaTrophynol reply Good idea AT, to come over to vidme, I did say you would find a solution to the jewtube problem, Cedric .
  • welcometotheshoe reply a jolly good shoe eh!?
  • BD007Marky reply Excellent work. I am here and I will be reporting this on my YouTube Channel and Twitter. Mark @ Global Agenda. I just shred it everywhere on G+ and my YouTube peeps. Awesome links in the comments as well.
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