Britt McHenry temper tantrum

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  • mufasa reply If she were a person of color, she would have been fired and probably banned from T.V. for life. #whiteprivilege
  • puppylady reply After being told ther's on camera, she can't help being a bitch and keeps being nasty but in a low voice thinking the mike wouldn't pick it up loll and how about her bitch friend finding it funny instead of being embarrased -
  • geno91 reply She's obviously dumb and self entitled but lets be honest here, how can you people not see that most celebrities obviously feel this way. Even if they don't say it, or get caught saying it
  • kishke reply @twitter83: Learn to spell. Talk about dumb.
  • dr_stevens reply #youcantworkwithus
  • twitter83 reply Can't work for us anymore . There hiring dumb blondes next door in the trailer
  • PJHICKS87 reply WOWWW! She is such a PRETENTIOUS SNOT!! Obviously her college degree did not give her any common sense.
  • kcollins58 reply
  • kcollins58 reply kcollins58 efexecet, there are endless rants Britt could have went on about her car being towed and the tow company. Regardless of the tow company's reputation, this girl attacked another persons physical appearance. She was right about one thing... "I'm in the news sweetheart"
  • festerup reply If she was dirt ugly, she would make a good spoke person for Killary.
  • gypsycowgirl reply Real classy, this is no less than a social racial slur and should be treated with the same punishment. I bet the anchorman who got 3 week "off" for calling her interviewing "amateur" is chuckling over this show of professionalism. She needs to take off her stilettos and walk in someone else's shoes for a week. If she was such hot stuff, she could have paid someone else to get her car out of hock so she didn't have to dirty her shoes!
  • Class101 reply I would not define her actions as bratty or a temper tantrum. The words MEAN, BULLY and HEARTLESS are more accurate. Do the right thing ESPN fire her and do not promote bullying.
  • nomadgroa reply Hey, Kishke and efexecet, I took your advice and checked out ADVANCED TOWING. I'll repost for all the people so in love with the pretty girl entitlement narrative they've invented for the purpose of expressing how morally superior they are that they refuse to acknowledge the other side of the story. I found three-plus pages of almost entirely negative yelp stories, some of them very sad. ADVANCED TOWING appears to have a long history of predatory practices, including habitually stealing cars from parking spots they know to be legal and preying on Arlington's at-risk immigrant and low-income populations. Quite a few yelpers report being verbally abused by the same female employee sitting carefully off camera in the clip. Every city's got one of these scumbag car kidnapping companies, and they earn last bit of disrespect they're shown by their victims. In less cash-strapped times, cities were quicker to shut them down....more I can only hope that the overblown, prurient story of Britt McHenry ironically sheds enough of a spotlight on these cockroaches that Arlington realizes they've got a high priority image problem on their hands and shuts them down. Or that Ms. McHenry makes good on her promise to sue and maybe brings national attention to ADVANCED TOWING's predatory practices that way.
  • Class101 reply ESPN will not be watched in my home until she is fired. Never judge a book by it's cover, it's a shame pretty on the outside and so ugly in the inside. NO CLASS!!!!
  • WeetieWhitfield1 reply Thats not a temper tantrum. Thats full on Bitch Mode.
  • Hancock668 reply Regardless what kind or type of job "WE"all hold, is a job that supports our lives. We low life uneducated people is the reason she has a job to begin with. No one regardless who you / we are should be treated or spoken like that too. Let our voice be heard, enough is enough. Just because you are on "Tv" does not give you the right(s) to talk down to us. Fire her for her behavior and misrepersenting the net work and it's image. Thanks
  • bluegirl3 reply I have no idea what may have happened prior to this that caused Ms. McHenry to act this way. I am NOT defending her. No one deserves to be treated this way, no matter if the victim has possibly been "egging" her on. What boggles my mind is that she continued to act like an idiot even AFTER she realized that she was being videotaped. She reminds me so much of some of my sorority sisters and fellow Greeks from other "top" sororities at my school......i.e. entitled, rude, snobby, etc.etc.. I graduated 6 years ago, and pray that I never acted as bratty as this woman.
  • robd reply Bhaug, if you illegally park, you deserve to pay. She wasn't illegally parked. That's like going to jail for robbing a bank when you never even went to a bank. She was mad, doesn't justify her comments, but her car was towed for no reason.
  • bhaug1 reply haha Efexecet.. you're kidding? this kind of ad-hominem behavior is never justified. I've had my car towed 4 times in Milwaukee & Denver. It's always been from either not paying a parking ticket, or parking improperly. Yea that happens! PAY THE 300$ cause you fucked up. Cause & effect. Some people....
  • bhaug1 reply This is the same mentality that my 14 year old niece gets in when she gets angry. I guess that's what happens when your idol is a Kardashian and you have no concept of humility.
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