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  • Andrew_Rousseau reply I agree that down votes would be a great addition. If it's really going to cause great distress that poor little Jonny might get his feelings hurt over a down vote or two then a possible solution is to allow each creator to choose if they want it enabled for their account. If that were to be the case however, I would like to see the option to only have videos with down votes enabled show up in search results and the feeds.
  • [ – ] Erohiel reply Also need to be able to edit comments and see what date and time a video was posted.
  • Erohiel reply Agree. Most people don't want to read through comments to see general opinion on something.
  • [ – ] MonigMedia reply Nice idea, but I think that comments are sufficient enough depending on your Sentence structure.
    • Azurenightsky parent reply I dunno, I've seen a few comment chains that would benefit from it, it's also a useful metric if you're checking for how well a video is doing, if people are just liking it but at a lower rate than other videos, it isn't giving the same feedback as say a like:dislike bar does, y'know?
  • [ – ] Smiless reply There's actually a secret down-vote button All you have to do is turn your screen upside down! Other than that horrid joke I really do agree with this video
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