WARP ZONE TV - Violence in Video Games & America's Army : Buy, Download or Delete?

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  • [ – ] Apepresident reply Interesting video. I think that now violence in Video Games isn't a problem anymore except the occassional Mom's/Other weirdos against violent video games that pop up every now and then. Atleast that's what I'm noticing as somebody who's living outside the US and doesn't care all too much for shooters.
    • [ – ] chibbychannel parent reply Yeah, games are becoming a lot more diverse these days. It's great! What kind of games are you into? Just curious, since you said blowing heads off isn't your thing.
      • [ – ] Apepresident parent reply I'm most interested in RPG's and especially JRPGs. Granted there's enough blowing/slicing heads off in those game so violence is still somewhat of an aspect in those games. What I notice much more (primarily with JRPGs) is that there's a lot more controversy when it comes to sexuality such as making overly sexualized characters less sexy, changing ages of certain characters or (as was the case with fire emblem fates) completely removing entire features and rewriting certain plot points.
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