Tess Munster/Holliday is a fat pig.

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  • Thunderbunz reply She's disgusting, I mean she has a cute face, with a coating of makeup, but that only goes so far.
  • MrBigTits reply THANK YOU! So sick of people online touting her as 'inspirational'. What?! She's just some disgusting fat bitch with tattoos! So according to them it's "unhealthy" for a super skinny chick but this morbidly obese whale isn't!?
  • virtualgoat reply She's fat... But her face looks slim for that kind of body. When with other people, i'll just say she's okay. But honestly, I don't feel that way at all. I'll never go fat.
  • OinkOinkPiggy reply She's a fat sack of shit. Thyroid doesn't cause this, a lack of self-discipline, willpower, and any dietary direction does. This is nothing to glorify, and in glorifying it through your willful stupidity and cognitive dissonance, you're a fuckwit. If you weren't a vocal minority who plugs their ears and closes their eyes then screams at the top of their lungs while kicking your legs like a squeeling pig rolling in its own shit, you would be the downfall of mankind as a species. But we aren't all fuckwits. Your arguments all come down to false claims of thyroid issues when thyroid issues don't cause this big of a massive obesity issue. Your feelings don't matter on the issue of promoting morbid life-shortening skeletal-system wrecking joint-destroying fucking gluttony, and when you bring feelings into an argument, you instantly weaken your argument and make yourself look like a retard. Willful stupidity and cognitive dissonance are something the outside world easily sees and says "Haha...more, wow, look at those fucking retards". You're all fuckwits, and your feelings don't matter when the facts are; She's morbidly obese, and going to die very damn well before the average age a person passes away at, glorifying obesity will always be spoken of by a vocal minority as though they are the majority but as with other things they champion that never reach the light of day other than the local news where a reporter might crack a small smirk whilst reading the story, you're just something all the sane people of the world are laughing at, because holy shit, you're one hell of an out-of-touch-with-reality-commonsense-and-scientific-fact crowd. Your loud cries begin and end on the web, among your communities online where you circlejerk your opinions over and over, and where if you went into any random group of co-workers and mentioned your views of Tess Holiday and how she is blatantly championing obesity, or likely the other list of insigificant shit you spend energy on to make yourself feel like a better person that ultimately simmers down to the same shit as this, you would be the weird fucker at work noone wants to talk to, laughed at behind your back. In your extremism, you've become a sort of hunchback of the belltower that rears its ugly face in reality every once in a while, breaking through tumblr, or wherever the fuck it is you have your circlejerks, for the 99% to either laugh at, say "Wow, that's fucked up", or ignore entirely. Congratulations, your movements will go nowhere, because any person with any shred of common sense sees your manner of arguing the moment you open your mouth, and can judge the type of person you are. That has the effect of drawing attnetion to the places you circlejerk, and may go the extra step to look into your circlejerking, only to see the worst of it, and likely laugh at it, tell their coworkers and friends about it, and continue the cycle of the vast majority seeing you for what you are; fuckwits. Your battle is lost. You're lolcows, some of you more cow however. You will always be fucking idiots in the eyes of anyone with a shred of common sense, and that's that.
  • missorangejews reply Wow, look at all the stupid women and white knights complaining about all this. Fags.
  • bkdeadhead reply lets be honest, this video is mean. however almost everything this guy is saying is correct. this is not something we should be aspiring to. She is a terrible role model for children. she's not just a regular woman body, or larger boned. this woman is morbidly obese. we need to be honest and realize her lifestyle WILL kill her at a young age. if we can tell heroin addicts their habit is dangerous, we need to tell people of this immense size they are being self destructive. we should pity her, she looks like a marshmallow. this woman needs help, she is eating herself into an early grave, she's probably mentally ill.
  • RectalGravy reply Ha, This is so true! Good video.
  • suuuuper39 reply https://voat.co/v/fatpeoplehate <- If you hate Fat People as much as me, here you go. You're welcome.
  • migh_shongfong reply This is probably the best video i have ever seen, fuck the ham-beasts defending this ugly fatass slob
  • Guest1 reply Shitlord from FPH reporting here.... Brilliant video!
  • AnneFibbian reply Finally! Someone who sees through Tess and this HAES bullshit. We need more videos like this to cut full stop. This isn't bullying, it's cold hard fact. Obesity is fucked up on soo many levels. If you seriously think obesity is healthy then go do a shit load of drugs washed down with straight vodka and smoke 50 a day because you clearly have no idea what it is to be healthy.
  • 2shy2p reply They're tattooing cattle now?
  • Infernal_Dalek reply Bunch of butthurt fatties in the comments. Not surprising. No wonder this was flagged on youtube. Gotta appeal to the masses. Even if the masses are massive.
  • IpodSuperKek reply I like how everybody just ignores the point of the video and just says "you're mean." Be tting most of them didn't watch it as they can't handle opposing points of view or humour
  • srupp reply I think this video is 100% true ! Mean..... But true .... I mean come on .... Really?? U really think she's healthy?? If all of you people actually care then maybe we can support her into becoming healthy!!! I'm not saying make her skinny I'm saying encourage her to become healthy!! That's all I'm saying
  • sb1998 reply Fuck the man who made this. Just because you're a low life piece if shit living in your mothers basement who can't get a girl because your standards are too high from watching too much porn does NOT mean you can put down such a beautiful woman for loving herself for who she is (which for women is really hard to do)and because she wanted to influence all the female population as a whole. I give this beautiful woman all the support and respect I could possibly give because she has inspired me. Keep on keepin on Tess!
  • speaksthetruth reply Actually she's made hardly anything IF anything from her "modeling career" which you speak of she's not really a model. Which is funny cause she's all like eff your beauty standards yet she photoshops the fuck out of her pictures. Hypocrite much. Also effyourbeautystandards should be people with limbs missing or completely tattooed. Not a fat cunt who still tries to appear beautiful. Also your arguments are always "but skinny people!!!!!" Skinny people aren't the problem. 70% of America is fat. Not skinny people. Also people think average is skinny when its really just the normal human body. Youve just been so fat for so long you forgot. Stop tryna make excuses your all disgusting and it's unfair for the future generations and it's just flat out repulsive. Thank you.
  • greebo reply It isn't about being mean, it's about not glamourising obesity. No you don't need to be skinny to be healthy, but being fat puts unnecessary strain on the heart. You might not agree with it, but you can't argue with figures, obese people have higher mortality rates than any other body size. I couldn't give two tosses about Tess Holliday's modelling career and all the money she's made, what is important to me is not giving children the wrong idea about what a healthy body image is. I would never shame someone for what they looked like, I would shame someone for forcing their ideals on impressionable young people - on that point the same goes for size 0 models.
  • tooiepants reply Tess is about being comfortable in your own skin, not "glorifying obesity". As recently as the early 20th century being a big woman was considered beautiful. Along the line the standard obviously changed to being an unrealistic stick thin. Her health is her own concern, and if you weren't completely ignorant you can find pictures of Tess working out online. You don't need to be skinny to be healthy. Do all of you nay-sayers and bullies even workout; do you not have things about yourselves that you're trying to live with and make the best of? You don't know her from Adam, so how can you begin to judge her? Those who insult Tess are ignorant, not to mention mean; Tess could basically bitch slap you with the loads more money she's made for herself than you have for yourself, but she probably doesn't have time for you what with her MODELING CAREER and all. I guess the real point here is that we don't all love everyone, but we're also not all perfect, because who are we to say what perfect ...moreis? So we should show support to those we support, and basically keep our mouths shut about those who have not harmed us. And if you don't like Tess, just scroll along. At least Tess stands for something, and THAT'S why she's a role model.
  • greebo reply The state that our society has come to that she is a role model. Notice the distinct lack of fat people from previous generations. Thyroid condition my ass.
  • TeslaalseT reply ^ So much Butthurt lmao, Nice vid man 10/10 sides left lel-osphere
  • afuckingnegro reply don't say that to her, she's majestic like a fucking whale
  • BrunetteMomshell reply Someone needs are real job, and a girlfriend FAST. You might want to think about worrying more about your penis size, than the size of anyone else OR their bodies. Is you focused on yourself, which I am SURE has many flaws, then maybe you would not waste precious time focusing on a young woman loving herself in her own skin, which obviously you do not. You need help, professional help now. The ignorance. The heartlessness. I guess all else has failed, and now you are using the net to try to earn stardom by becoming the internets most hated DBAG of all time. Sad, but congrats, you are almost there. Pathetic. Now, maybe you should go ask your mom if it is ok to put off raking the leaves in the front yard since you need to go cry in your pillow. P****
  • MmmmmGutto reply WOW! You are a terrible human being and those that support you are just as bad. Why not do something productive like get a real job and move out of your moms basement. troll
  • ChrystalCGL reply Seriously? You have this much time on your hands to create all of this hate towards a young woman? For real - try getting into something constructive since you seem to have so much free time. Why on Earth do you care so much about this woman? Seems a bit obsessive to me. Whenever I see flag waver that is SO INTENSE about their cause, it always makes me think that just the opposite is true. I have a sneaking suspicion you find her very hot. I pray that Tess and her son and her family members never seen this. Did it ever occur to you that her son might see this at some point when he is older? Does that not bother you at all? Scary stuff.
  • Jesus_Christ reply The agency that signed her is probably a subsidiary of some giant pharmaceutical concern. Making diabetes trendy and driving up medical costs improves their bottom line. All those impressionable young people buying hospital stays and insulin for the rest of their ruined lives, it's probably a great deal of money. Clever marketing, really.
  • herp_derpson reply Lmao at all these mad fatties. This is the funniest video I've seen in a while, my sides have officially left the Oort cloud and exited the Solar System.
  • msbeans reply It's doesn't surprise me that his asshole can say things like that about someone he's never met. He's just jealous that she is a star and he's a worthless sack of cow shit. He is to chicken shit to show him self in this video because he's probably unglier than a crackhead with lesions all over his face. The fact that you even made this video to try and bring down a beautiful woman who couldn't give a shit what you think, just goes to show that we really did fail as a human race. Humanity is something you need to take another look into asshole.
  • Drumhobo reply Seriously I haven't laughed so fucking much in ages, the fat cow is gonna die of her diabeetus problems and when she does fall down at least we will all know thanks to the huge earthquake it will cause.
  • ecscribner reply Just because you don't agree with the way she looks doesn't mean you can make a video straight up harassing her and tearing her down! How would you feel if someone didn't like the way you looked and made a video like this about you? NO ONE would like that. I don't think we should applaud someone for being obese, but I also don't think we should rip someone apart because of it.
  • maibeizukiadic reply Seriously aren't she and all of her landwhale followers aware that being extremely overweight isn't healthy nor pretty, come on whales drop the spoon and lift some heavy ass weights.
  • dantonmeh reply if shes so self confident why does she wear a barrel of make up? why not just show all the girls what your skin and hair really is like when youre a "body positive activist" especially when you have to stand for more than 2 minutes and have all these lights shining on you
  • Hellfighter reply Hahaha! I love how all the fatties are complaining about the vid in the comments. Lose some weight, you fat fucking pigs.
  • Ajapic reply I hope this person dies😊
  • Tattootempest reply Tyrone_Jamal: Imagine waking up in the middle of the night suffocating because she draped one of her arms across your chest lol
  • caramaea reply Way to ride someone else's success to get hits on your pathetic, hateful post.
  • rene_descartes reply its a wonderful marketing stunt for whoever decided to put the spotlight on this fatty considering the amount of obese ppl that will feel better about themselves after watching this, but its terrible for humanity as a whole. Promoting obesity is fuking dumb.
  • skyrimdovah reply Look at all these white knights in the comments, yeah, insults are childish, but when people are stupid enough to support being a fat fuck, I think it's time to give people a bit of a wake up call. Tess isn't some Godess, she's a pig who glorifies being obese, it's unhealthy and dangerous. If she was chubby, or even slightly overweight, I wouldn't mind her so much. But she's downright obese. If you're obese, you shouldn't glorify it! Humans are not meant to be obese! Nor are they meant to be stick figures, we're meant to be a HEALTHY weight. That's why they call it a HEALTHY weight. People who glorify obesity can just go die.
  • Tyrone_Jamal reply Thyroid conditions can cause weight gain, but nowhere near this level. Does she claim to have a thyroid condition? Also, models shouldn't be sticks, but you don't jump from one unhealthy extreme to the next, that's just stupid.
  • aestheticasfuck reply Uahahahahahahaha thyroid problem my ass it's called a cheeseburger pit for a mouth and no self controll
  • awwwaaarrree reply Lol at people supporting the cow. She's unhealthy, and we as a people should be in no way glamorizing unhealthy lifestyles.
  • Joannaaubertin reply I think you are amazing don't listen to bullies like that😒His mother should be so proud 😡he really needs to get a life.Who says you have to be twiggy to be a model and I wonder if he knows you don't have to eat a lot to be big it's called a thiroid problem Be strong Tess we all love you ❤️
  • Tyrone_Jamal reply I bet everyone ragging on the guy who made this video wouldn't dare date someone as big as Tess. Sure, you'll say you would on the internet, but you know good and goddamn well your dick would shrivel up as soon as she took her clothes off.
  • muthafahka reply you're a horrible human being.
  • AyyyLmao reply Tess Munster is a repulsive ogre. Anyone that supports her and her addiction to food is a cretin. Not only are you unhealthy and a burden on society, but you are perpetuating an unhealthy lifestyle, contribute more to CO2 emissions than your normal weight counterparts and are a catalyst for animal suffering due to animal consumption than your normal sized counterpart. In other words: Fat people, just die.
  • Liz3277 reply WhitneyPerfect? Perfectly what? Hateful? Stupid? Ugly on the inside? What goes around comes around, honey. May you never experience bullying such as you are giving out. You make me sad. You and the douche that posted this. This is a sad example of too much free time. Did you look in the mirror Whitney darling while making that "horrible excuse for a human being" remark? Or were you holding it up to the face of our dear creative video maker?
  • betch reply People need to fuck off with their negativity... If you honestly have nothing better to do with your time then to hate on others, I sincerely feel bad that you're that insecure with yourself; I hope you find the self peace you so badly need✌
  • PattyKat0330 reply You sir are a douchebag!
  • relicss19 reply lold hard good stuff m8
  • blueeyedbby93 reply Your negative comment will only make her more famous then she is! She is BEAUTIFUL!!! And don't be mad because she is doing something you WISH you could be doing!
  • WhitneyPerfect reply She's a repulsive beast,delusional,obese,ugly,stupid and YES very much a PIG,inside and out (no offense to pigs ) good luck to the idiot who is gonna marry this sorry excuse for a human being.
  • mariaeffbee reply I know your type. You've been turned down by every girl you ever approached skinny or curvy, so you talk like this to make yourself feel better about your pathetic little life. But it doesn't change anything, she's still making bank, and you're still downloading free porn from your parents' basement, where you will die alone. Hopefully.
  • vsiccnezzz reply What a fucktard! You sound like you don't get any pussy, so let me guess... You talk shit about other people and try to make yourself feel better? You are probably ugly as shit. 😂 Anyone who takes this much time out of their day to shame someone because of their appearance has serious self esteem issues. You do realize there are other health issues that can cause people to become overweight, right? You can fix obesity, but you can't fix STUPID. You should find something better AND MORE PRODUCTIVE to do with your time.
  • chpstck reply You don't have to find her attractive or approve of her eating habits. What people admire is that she loves herself in the face of adversity and doesn't care what other people think. She lives life for herself. Whether is makes other people upset or not.
  • Vicki reply attention seeker, you are using Tess to get some attention. You aren't fooling anyone.
  • visannnguyen reply Stupid peoples.... She more perfect and beautiful then u.
  • cnl215 reply http://www.buzzfeed.com/sheridanwatson/tess-holliday-does-not-give-a-rats-ass-people?bffb&utm_term=4ldqpgp#4ldqpgp THIS ARTICLE IS 1,000 TIMES BETTER!
  • elisenelvis reply She may be big, but A. Her face isn't fat. And there's no need to say all that crap. If you don't like her, don't fucking look at her. And anyone who would put that much effort into making a video like this is obviously compensating for something, probably a small penis. And he probably doesn't know how to please a woman. And that voice and the way you speak is more than annoying.
  • cmoyer6 reply Talk about being an adult BULLY! I'm an educator who teaches children how to love each other for our differences and to embrace diversity. Also, to fight against bullying and to build self esteem and self love and confidence! What r u teaching ur child? Obviously, not love! SHAME ON YOU! Way to be a great example to all of the children of the world! I feel bad if u have any children and if u do, if they turn out not as pretty as u would like, or even worse, God forbid, "FAT"! U r HORRIBLE!
  • celestearias98 reply Oh nononono, honey. Do you want to know what made us fail as a species? Assholes like you who are cowards and hide behind a screen so you can make the rest of the world miserable as well. I hope maybe one day, you'll grow up and see that your ideal woman is nonexistent. You're probably one of those guys who tells his girlfriend to make a sandwich, huh? Welcome to 2015, where people are happy with themselves. Please try to do the same, because I bet you're only being rude because you don't like yourself. Have a nice day! ☺
  • stpatty3172000 reply If the guy actually had the balls to post a pic or vid of himself...but he doesn't. BEGONE VIRGIN TROLL.
  • Starpatch reply lol this person hides behind the screen and insults someone who is successful. Please voluntarily off yourself. You are a disgusting human being.
  • cocopuff reply Wow jealous at least she doing more than u ever will in life
  • WpgStereoHeart reply Aww how cute. An anonymous bitter asshole making videos about how bitter he is that other people are more successful than him! Sorry about your small penis. And your lack of feminine companionship. #sorrynotsorry #hatersgonnahate
  • emakenna reply You're a terrible human, die in a fire you pathetic asshole.
  • doyouknowjo reply I also believe in voluntary human extinction. You should go first.
  • Ginel317 reply Get a fucking life. Sorry you have nothing better to do than hate on people who are more successful than you
  • LoKKeR reply Only stupid people can do such stupid video. Tess is wonderful and it doesn't matter if you do like her or not as what do you think about her.
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