NieR: Automata - Losing My Virginity

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  • Finnishking reply Only Tara would get so *wet* over seeing thongs in RPGs lol xD
  • SacredBeast reply Oh, I'm sure she'd look fine in a thong... A shame, then, that my out-of-date rig can't run this game; otherwise, I'd at least try it out.
  • [ – ] accuracyrules reply Looks like a fun game that is also very fan service like.
    • [ – ] TaraBabcock parent reply It's awesome, and not so fan service-y that it detracts. They put a lot of time in the style, combat, and story. I love that it shifts perspectives from 3D to 2D side scroller to 3D side scroller to top down often!
      • accuracyrules parent reply True, hard to get distracted by fan service when you are constantly trying not to die. Very fun looking game so will definitely have to give it a shot. My overwatch addiction has been keeping me from playing anything else lately haha.
  • Cennathis reply Seems like TaraBabcock has reached peak awesome with her life. Playing games and sharing the love.
  • Malady reply Notice me Senpai
  • accuracyrules reply The thong game is strong in this one lol.
  • Grumanilt reply the game looks awesome
  • blindfire reply The game is pretty, but unengaging. I wouldn't play it. I will, however, appreciate the fan art shown on deviant art.
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