Game Vlog #2 Another Thing to Hear!

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  • [ – ] LadyFuzztail reply Youtube is gonna kill itself at this point.
  • [ – ] TZReviews reply I think that it will discourage more people from trying to grow on youtube, I have a few channels on youtube but I am slowly moving over here to vidme.
    • [ – ] MultiKillerjoe parent reply yea i'm in deep on there almost got 200 subs and i aint leaving it but on here it seems more people friendly and i enjoy it so manything are better
      • [ – ] TZReviews parent reply i had 170 subs on my first channel but it was a gaming channel, and since gaming channels are so saturated on there noone barely watched any of the videos I had put up, here though I get views right away.
        • MultiKillerjoe parent reply i tend to do gaming videos and game vlogs which game vlogs are footage of gameplay as i talk about life or problems in such and my gaming videos usually got an adventure too them or something special!
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