CAPTAIN AMERICA Epic Collection Book Review - Marvel Comics Trade Paperback

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  • [ – ] PauloCosta reply Captain America has always been my favorite character. I have these stories in an Essential (only the ToS issues, though), and they become a lot better when Kirby takes over the plotting and creates AIM, the Adaptoid or the Cosmic Cube. The last WWII story in this volume was my first contact with Kirby artwork. I read it as a filler story in my country's Marvel publisher when I was 6.
    • [ – ] ComicToyReviews parent reply Thanks for sharing I got the Essential 1 and 2 as well. After the Steranko run and the book is then by Gene Colan and others I thought the quality of the book dropped fast, just not a good fit for this comic character.
      • PauloCosta parent reply I don't dislike Colan on the art, it might be more of a writer problem. Stan never passed Cap to Roy Thomas and didn't really know what to do with the title without Kirby. I have some old comics in Portuguese with the Friedrich run, that was pretty good. But things really picked up when Englehart started writing. That's my favorite from the 70s.
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