Response to Rodgersmith2004 - Are Inexperienced Anime Opinions Legitimate?

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  • AnimeReviews reply If inexperienced anime opinions aren't legitimate, then I can't enjoy SFDebris because he's not "experienced" in anime, and his reviews of anime are fantastic.
  • theoldsparrow reply There are layers to enjoyment based on previous experience. I agree that having more knowledge means you can delve into a show more deeply. That doesn't mean there's not a surface enjoyment a show can bring though. For example Evangelion. It became a sensation for its exoticism with the familiar, emotionality, and symbolism which may not have meant as much as some people read into it. It also is a fun monster of the week being fought by giant robots anime. If you grew up watching mecha anime in the eighties you would be able to get deeper references than just monster of the week. That doesn't mean that people weren't able to just enjoy it as it was on the surface. It really comes down to the level of the thoughts provoked or emotional complexity which would be certainly affected by personal wisdom in the medium.
  • RSNAnime reply This video raises some interesting points. While I certanly can't say someone is wrong about thinking an anime is good or not just because they haven't seen many shows, you bring up how knowledge of the medium as a whole can lead to more informed opinions on some things. With your example of Madoka, I didn't know that dark magical girl shows were a thing before watching it, so I liked it because it was unique, but even if you take that away there are still other aspects that make it stand out, the different plot twists, the emotional power and so on.
  • WolfRat reply The thing about Madoka is that people throwing around the term "deconstruction" are doing the show a disservice because it's a really bad deconstruction of the genre and was never meant to be one in the first place. People just love to tack the "deconstruction" label to anything that tries to push the boundaries of a genre or medium, but just because something is revolutionary does not mean it is a deconstruction, even if it necessarily has to deconstruct at least some of the common tropes of the genre in order to revolutionize the concept.
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