I Do Not Like Overwatch

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  • kcjonescentral reply just play TF2 and quit yo whining
  • Mrmeerkatz reply Damn dude, it's been a really long time. Last time I saw you, you were at a few hundred like last year and now I see you being on the front page of Vidme and being featured on huge channels. That's some serious work ma dude. :3
  • Cryostal reply Wtf. Pudge is in this game?
  • l0rd-6 reply overwatch is uber gay
  • starcatcher77 reply So the vast majority of your complaints are not valid for two reasons. First, you are playing on a console. I have nothing against consoles, but shooters are inherently worse on consoles. Second, you just really suck. I will admit your complaint about Roadhog's hook is valid... because it goes through things and is just generally broken. Your fake names for the characters were genius though, I especially died at Cyborg Jackie Chan and Emilia Earhart. And the whole trend of "1000 degree knife vs blank" is stupid as heck though.
  • bunniiBGG reply Paladins lol
  • ToxicToucan reply You made Mei sound like she was bad ass. Lol
  • ZolarVerde reply I disagree but I respect and encourage your right to opinionated conversation.
  • BlackbirdFrost reply Hey Elvis! Funny running into you on Vidme. S'been a while! I actually do dislike Overwatch...and I've never even played the game. I dislike it, not for the game itself, but because I just CAN'T GO TWO CLICKS on the internet without seeing something about it! It's even invading my porrrr-I-mean my uh...Twitter feed! So sick of Overwatch!
  • MangaKamen reply You didn't even burn the game, you burned the case. Guess you didn't want to waste the 50 dollars on a cheap stunt.
  • Infernikus reply Fucking Mei... Just... fucking Mei...
  • EliasHudson reply When the CD isn't even inside the case lmao
  • Germanilluminati reply Just play battleborn. PHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH battleborn
  • 8up_Gaming reply Let me guess you like cod ?
  • Micavity reply heyyyy I loved the camera work here in the intro man!
  • Happ3 reply You triggered me so hard
  • rodyblablabla reply gayllis the gaylien
  • Sparten reply I need to buy Overwatch.
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