Why the West Lost the Cold War

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  • GeorgeMcGee reply Once again, your analysis is brilliant! You have enlightened me and shown how the cold war was actually lost. From a military point of view, it seemed when the Berlin wall and ultimately the Iron Curtain fell, the West won a victory. But as you’ve said, the far Left just adapted. Marx’s poison still infected the weak minds of Socialists. “millions of far Left fanatics infiltrating the European Union” after our so called victory. Like a sac of excrement ripped open, the evil just poured out into Europe. I was blaming the French for this because of the open Socialism they officially espoused. Insidious, the way Marxism stains all cultures it seeps into. Joe McCarthy was right and we need an army of “tailgunner Joes” to purge Marxism, Socialism and Communism from Europe and the U.S. Thank you Rocking Mr. E, your videos are much loved so please keep them coming!
  • BobElschlager reply Wow. A thought-provoking video big time.
  • Manny_Rod reply Don't forget Nazi infiltration of the US via Operation Paperclip. Commies on the left, Nazis on the right.
  • [ – ] whitezombie reply Truth is truth even one sided biased truth. For instance while communism never got much of foothold in the U.S. National socialism did. The number of Nazi sympathisers was one of the reasons The U.S. stayed out of the war until it was almost too late. Operation paper-clip did not help matters. It flooded the western powers with ardent Nazi whose influence in the military industrial complex as well as the intelligence community is still felt. WWII Was about braking Germany. The British were threatened by Germany's industrial and commercial development. Poland was encouraged to provoke the Nazi's by the British, because they needed an excuse to go to war with Germany. Hitler had no beef with Britain. We took France as revenge for the WWI disgrace, because the German people demanded the French be humiliated. His ultimate goal was always Russia. he did not like communists. He never for a minute trusted the soviet regime ,plus he wanted the Baltic part of the soviet union. Fun fact Hit...moreler was a Catholic. Not a good one but still a Catholic. Where did you think he learned his anti-Semitism? Yes his membership in the Thule society helped cement it but it was there to begin with. Hitler was a sociopath maybe a psychopath. Stalin was a statist. He literally worshipped the state. As for "the west" No angels there either. No one has the moral high ground . The war crimes of the British in south Africa make the Nazi and communist extremism look like amateur hour. The French crimes in Indochina are not much behind, i won't even mention the systematic genocide of the native people of the U.S. by the colonists. What we have today is a repeat of the same as the 2 world wars. Germany is getting imperial, Britain is not liking it at all , authoritarians on all sides dream of power, and the Arabs are string again trying to grab what they can. Conclusion 2 wars, millions dead ,and we learned nothing. Democracy is hard work to maintain. It means you get paranoid about your own government first and foremost. Unfortunately the average citizen finds it too much of a burden to really take up the obligations of a democratic citizen. So authoritarians of all stripes try to con them into giving up all rights and becoming a slave to the state again. Leave Christianity out of it. The Church is not pure either don't get me started on the retarded shit Christian churches have pulled on the last century.
    • RockingMrE parent reply Yeah, you're just citing examples of the revisionism that comes from Nazi ideology. I'm no friend of Nazism - I want to make that perfectly clear. Hitler, Germany and the Nazis most certainly were a threat to the world, with their ideology that made Germans a master race that should rule over others. You can't get around that by making false juxtapositions here. The Commies do the same thing with 'capitalism' vs communism. I tire of all socialist ideologies, to be honest. They're poison, and it's time we stopped having to choose between one or another.
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