Joy Sparkle BS's Epic Decline With Jamie Leigh Fischer & Gina Battista

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  • Star_Wars6collector reply I don't make any money making my video's, I do it for free,
  • Star_Wars6collector reply if you get rid of the leader then the rest of his family will just take power, as for transgender in the military if it costs the military to much money that could have been the reason for that, but do I think if it is wrong or right, I think anyone that wants to serve they can but in ways where they will be effective, since transgender need to have there medications other wise there bodies will reject there organs, so a combat roll would not be very good if you get stuck behind enemy lines for any long period of time, but the positive thing would be that Trump is saving all the transgender people from getting killed in wars,
  • Star_Wars6collector reply that's discrimination did you video tape it, you could have sued the ducan daunts, people can't do that to you
  • [ – ] TheBrewMonks reply Woah.. this is some seriously heavy stuff. Hang in there. Nothing is worse than a cyber bully that hides behind a computer screen taking great pride in making other people miserable.
    • JamieLeigh parent reply Thanks Brew! Not my first rodeo. Many of these kinds of people on the internet. Makes you tough, but laugh also.
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