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  • TommyDiazMillan reply That was good. Next's up, let's do The Pink Panther.
  • GaryTurbo reply This was supposed to be a comedy, had Whoopi Goldberg and still sucked?
  • brandon_roberts reply nice video, also i think part of what made gremlins work was it had fun with it's premise and deconstructed some christmas movie tropes pretty well
  • liamdude5 reply Come on, Critic. Dave Foley did some good stuff. A Bug's Life, Sky High...Monsters University?
  • [ – ] neo4812 reply ahh now this is the NC we know and love, doing reviews on movies ive never heard of and are glade ive never of it
    • FriendLikeMe92 parent reply You'd never heard of Monkeybone? I actually saw it once or twice. It's as bad as Critic says, though the novelty of a stop-motion main character in a relatively modern live action film did appeal to me.
    • neo4812 parent reply also never diss rugrats
  • BrandonCroker reply This was...weird.
  • 2Nikos reply judging from the fact that CN and Nickelodeon were ok with shows like:Teen Titans GO,Powerpuff Girls 2016,Johny Test,Fanboy and Chum Chum,Planet Sheen and Breadwinners I dont think that the posibility of a cartoon channel airing a show like monkeybone should be consideret beyond the realm of reality
  • pokematic reply Why do I feel like I've seen monkeybone icons everywhere?
  • SuperJoe2017 reply Please review Dennis the Menace from 1993!!!!!
  • [ – ] TVBCrap reply I used to like this movie prior to 2008. My childhood was shit.
  • Platypus67 reply This movie seems to be a giant mess with an absolutely unfunny pale main actor.
  • JayToonz reply Oh wow, I remember watching this when I was younger but don't remember what it was just the monkey ha.
  • [ – ] bdalbor reply Pretty good review NC! I agree that the world in Downtown is really cool and dark, but the characters and story basically killed any atmosphere that the movie was intending to go for.
  • znushu reply As a kid in the 90's. I actually liked this movie. Now? meh, it's boring.
  • [ – ] Hewy_Toonmore reply Wow, he left out a LOT of scenes to talk about.
  • [ – ] CrazySeanDX reply At 2:34 there's no title. What movie is that?
  • CrazySeanDX reply ....I completely forgot this movie was a thing.
  • powerofanime1 reply I never heard of this thing before, and I haven't watched the video but.... I have a bad feeling about this.
  • [ – ] TommyDiazMillan reply Before Coraline, Henry Selick made this and I wouldn't want 2 sit through this again.
  • Giovanni4 reply I'm going to have a nightmare tonight LOL! Thanks NC!
  • RobertTLongway reply I remember thinking I liked that movie when I watched it - you make a good case explaining why I haven't watched it again even though it was on Netflix
  • Kladdaugh reply Am I the only one whom the intro reminds of the intro from The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest? I'm glad that Doug & Co. managed to avoid having the review be skit-heavy, and light on review content. It shows an improvement in writing. Sketches and skits are tertiary to criticism, even in satirical reviews. Even so, the fact that the characters kept coming back, combined with the resolution, simply left one wanting, as the framing story then made no sense. In all, it's less than I would have hoped for, but about as good as expected.
  • Eric_Hadrika reply NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Do Forbidden Zone!
  • JDude97 reply Animat told me about this
  • bradleyangle129 reply Now I'm just hoping for a review of Big Fat Liar soon.
  • MaximVB reply Great review! 🔥👌
  • FriendLikeMe92 reply Yeah. I'm actually surprised they didn't have a "spank the monkey" joke in this. 😂
  • Victor_von_Doom_Jr reply Whoopi Goldberg sucks since Theodore Rex. Brendan Fraser sucks since The Mummy 2.
  • KyanFedorov reply how about monkeybanana
  • markbrockington7 reply The sketch is somewhat dark but funny
  • SharkPlaysGames reply I remember that the only reason I wanted to see this was because Rose McGowan was a cat girl
  • [ – ] Khusa reply Hey I wish you guys could take off the lefty brainwashing helmets for just awhile someday so I can see you dudes soar but respectfully I'm not worried either way. We all choose our own paths.
  • WolfTheLycan reply Wow, I totally forgot that movie existed! Thank you very much for the review!
  • Slipgate reply Are we all enjoying Mister Metokur?
  • Fighting_Zenith reply The review by @DeckerShado, @Old_School_Lane, and @ThatLongHairedCreepyGuy that came out years ago summarizes my thoughts on this film quite nicely. As much as I like Henry Selick as a director, even he fucks up. Hell, even Mike Judge, Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Edgar Wright, and Brad Bird fuck up at times.
  • WoWzerGamer reply WooHoo! Great review NC!
  • KliffEdge reply Have to say, almost disappointed in the missed opportunity; Thomas Hayden Church acting beside Brenden Frasier - cut to obligatory "George of the Jungle" scene with Frazier saying "Lyle?" But considering this movie...probably not worth the effort.
  • Marthellous reply That knuckles joke... I'm going to try that.
  • Only1Dipper reply Follow me
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