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  • Salty_Dawg reply You should do another review in like a week to a month on how you like the 2DSXL because from my perspective, the 2dsxl is pretty pointless. I dislike how Nintendo loves to milk the dead cow, reselling products, and recycling old ideas. Nintendo switch XL coming soon ladies and gents. lol
  • YellowNakji reply I'd love a orange and white new 2DSXL but honestly, i am not willing to pay for one. As much of an upgrade it is compared to the original and even the 3DS line, i just don't care about 3DS enough.
  • CloeKitten reply This week I've been playing a lot of StoneHearth. It's a really cute game and I've been super interested in the 2ds but it's hard to pick between that and the 3ds xl. Any idea of what I can do?
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