Supreme Court Briefs - Graham v. Connor

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  • 3rdShiftPhilosopher reply Great vid. I lived in Ferguson Missouri while the Mike Brown situation happened. Its got to the point now where it has created two types of cops, over aggressive and hands off. My wife had a co-worker who was shot to death on a gas station parking lot by some men and the cops were on the lot while it happened and basically refused to do anything about it just so that they will not be in a situation where they will be blamed for unjustly killing anyone.
  • 3rdShiftPhilosopher reply Where I live, i know they changed it where the police don't patrol the same area and that really keeps them from knowing the people in the neighborhood. One but problem is the federal training of the police. Everyone is first a possible criminal before they are proven to be just a civilian.
  • iammrbeat reply @3rdshiftphilosopher Thank you! That is crazy about your wife's co-worker. Very few people realize that the why the police often are found not guilty of police brutality is due to this case. The best thing cops can do is get to know the people they serve, and I see that happening in some places, but certainly not all.
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