Albert Pike and the three world wars.

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  • [ – ] Julia227 reply Hey RFB. I'm very interested in this new website ! When do you think it will be operational? Also, I love the idea, don't get me wrong, but how are you going to prevent the trolls from doing what they do best? I was personally attacked a few days ago on one of your videos, and although I didn't take the bait I was shocked by it because whoever it was had OBVIOUSLY goggled me. Like I said, I'd love a place to go where we can all share with each other without the threat of trolls.
  • lawgaunt reply Awesome quick report and I'll be damned if it doesn't look like that's exactly what's happening
  • Julia227 reply PLYWOOD Wouldn't that be nice? ;-)
  • dphat reply I would definitely be interested in the new site bro.
  • Astronot reply Words well spoken ty Richie
  • RichardWendling reply My vid I put on here Science is a Chinese Puzzle Box
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