The amount George Soros gives to the liberal international agenda is billions

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  • [ – ] BockChoy reply Trudeau secretly gave 10 million to a terrorist to Omar Khadr and apologies. Only in Canada: Omar Khadr - From Taliban to Millionaire
    • Star_Wars6collector parent reply and he just gave away 241 million to Hillary Clinton more communists
    • Star_Wars6collector parent reply Odd things here for sure
    • Star_Wars6collector parent reply yet all our services are getting cut while Justin sabotages our economy by giving away millions or billions, I will have to look into that more, but he sure is contributing to an economic collapse, the only way to off set a full out collapse is to forgive all debts to all people world wide and to reset all economies, other wise people will not prepare and if there is wars and rioting then those people in power will also be screwed because they will not have prepared enough as well because they didn't plan correctly for the coming Polar Shift, so everyone is screwed,
  • Star_Wars6collector reply And just imagine whom ever takes down Soros, all his wealth could be used to fix all the damage he has caused against the people and the police as well as to fix our economies that he has ruined world wide,
  • Star_Wars6collector reply I must remake this video
  • Star_Wars6collector reply one correction, only 73,000 victims of communism in Cuba
  • Star_Wars6collector reply Keep screwing over Canada Hey Justin and our taxes and utility bills just keep going up
  • Star_Wars6collector reply Now we all know that the communists disarmed people before they genocided them, so history proves what Communists and Nazi's did to human kind
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