Life Sucks - Money.

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  • Kualdir reply I would tip on this video but i'm only 15 and can't find a job :/ well all i can do is wish you good luck!
  • NaturallyBlack reply I hope everything goes well for you max :)
  • PinkJam reply wow the last bit is shit
  • PinkJam reply Marxist sob
  • Jaxefer reply If there wasn't cursing, I could see a teacher showing this in school. Very well done, keep it up!
  • [ – ] ErickAlden reply I really liked this video. Well animated, but capitalism rewards business savvy people. Kim Kardashian is famous because people care about her. I agree people like that shouldn't symbolize our aspirations, but she's a smart business person who knows how to take advantage of the moronic masses.
    • [ – ] NuclearPopcorn parent reply I, for one, don't even like the mention of celebrities. And I don't understand why so many people do. All the envy that goes out to them contributes to all the sadness and despair we have in the world. It's terrible to see so many people practically kill themselves over fame and fortune when those things aren't even the source of true happiness, and I find it a little atrocious that you would glorify someone who was given serious luck with life conditions at birth.
      • ErickAlden parent reply I agree that fame should not be an end goal. And I'm not glorifying her, but I can acknowledge an opportunist when I see one. You can sit around all day and cry "he was lucky, she was lucky" but history is made by people who take advantage of their opportunities. Martin Luther was an opportunist. Andrew Carnegie was an opportunist. And so is Kim Kardashian. She provides much less value to the world, but if stupid people want to give her their money/time, then that is their prerogative.
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