Should We Fear Failure Because Of "BIG YOUTUBERS"?

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  • [ – ] Cellblock776 reply I joined Vidme today because a YouTuber, Pastor Joe Fox posted a YouTube video today stating that he was opening an alternative/secondary channel here on Vidme. His Viking Preparedness channel on YouTube is very popular in the "prepper" community and he is sure to bring many of his YouTube followers, like me, here.
  • [ – ] GAM3RSDOOM reply Do they push down our videos? Yes. Did they bring their own communities? Yes. Do we need to fear them? No. We just have to work harder to get seen better. Failure just comes from getting better. Nice video, couldn't have said it better myself.
  • [ – ] DookisWatching reply Good video bud! I'm honestly not even worried about that guy. He's one of money that will eventually transition over. I'm here to build my channel, help those around me and grow. Last thing I need to be worried about is some journalist. I loved the whole failure segment at the beginning, the whole video was a good watch man!
    • RubenLeija parent reply I think I was just rambling on but thanks. I also agree with you; helping each other grow and building long lasting friendships will go a much longer way than worry about someone taking over the trending page
  • [ – ] JCPlus3 reply I really enjoyed this. I think that in order to learn, grow and do better we HAVE to fail. It's apart of what makes us human. I love Vidme so far, but it's going to grow, and I am interested to see how it grows and changes. :) xx
  • [ – ] watzizname reply The way i understand it, one of the reasons David Seaman chose as a suitable platform, was because his content was intentionally prevented from ranking properly in Youtube's search results.. I think if starts manipulating results, they'll be shooting themselves and their business model in the foot.
    • RubenLeija parent reply YouTube is a manipulative site; keep in mind it wasn't like that before. It was just like Vidme. I am more interested to see what happens to Vidme in the next 2-3 years. Will it stay the same? Who knows, only time will tell
  • [ – ] QuazzVids reply #Amygdala2017 Awesome vlog dude. I really enjoyed this one. Hope you enjoyed the chikin lol. btw I don't think it was a ramble. It all made sense.
  • [ – ] gene_s reply I'm glad you understand the benefit of You Tubers coming here. ---May I offer some constructive criticism? Your hands are flying all over the place, in front of the camera, all over your face, in constant chaotic motion. I find it distracting and irritating. Other than that, you're alright! :)
  • Sharpwing reply Simply put. How can people expect the future generation to do better than them if they refuse to teach them how and undermine their attempts to do so out of pure selfishness.
  • [ – ] Sharpwing reply I don't think people should fear failure. I think they should fear not taking anything back from that failure. I am personally a person that hates it when parents lecture or punish their kids without checking to see first if they at all feared failure. Those who don't try at all should be lectured, but those who fail because there was a task too great to accomplish shouldn't be punished for it. In that regard you've made it more about quantity than quality. And most of these people will become obsessed with success and stoop to fucked up lengths just to succeed or delude themselves into thinking they are always right. These same ideals are what make people so sensitive to criticism. And these same ideals could also have something to do with Social Justice and political correctness in our society today. Giving everyone a participation trophy isn't the right way to go about it, but helping people to understand that failure is just a part of life and necessary in order for us to grow as p...moreeople could be an amazing start. Maybe asking them what they learned from that failure rather than asking them how they could have failed in the first place would be a better way of going about it. Everyone needs to learn to understand that not everyone will succeed, but anyone could succeed. I think we should live in a world that doesn't embrace constant failure, but instead views it as a possible outcome and accepts it as the reality that it is, rather than condemn it, pretend like it's not a thing and act like it shouldn't exist. This is a childish way for our society to behave and we need to learn to do better rather than force that responsibility on the shoulders of a generation that will inherit a worse off world because of our selfish actions and negative influence because of our refusal to change or accept change.
    • [ – ] RubenLeija parent reply What are your thoughts on the grading system for kids? If they failed the class, should they repeat it? Or is there a better way to learn from these failures and allow them to proceed?
      • Sharpwing parent reply Well, me and my dad sort of agree on the fact that our current educational system isn't a real education. The reason is that the system seems to apply more to how fast and how often you can just regurgitate information than whether you actually know things or not. As a result those letter grades are useless in the long term and we are a people that should focus on the long term and how practical things are. If they allowed you to apply the things you learned while being educated in most schools, that would work. As for being held back, most children won't see that as a learning experience but more so a failure for their inadequacy (at least the ones that actually give a damn about learning stuff). As for their failures, there should be an evaluation on how much they do know rather than focusing primarily on what they don't know. Your education should also focus on an improvement of ones own skills. Yes improvement of your weak points is important, but not as important as sculpting what...more natural talents and strengths you do possess. Think about this...a person that grows up to become an engineer won't ever use their education in biology to do anything unless they specifically decide to work in biological engineering. See we fail to accept that there are just some things that some people don't know and in regards of education we try and force people to understand things they have no interest in or no capacity to learn anything about. I feel that holding someone back only serves to humiliate them and forces them to focus on regurgitating information in order to succeed and takes away from the need to also mold and shape their natural talents. We should grade on skill and not numeric values. We should put more into education than we do and treat it with more respect than what it gets. Education should feel like the lives we live and our experiences and not some building with papers and books "ONLY". Certain things they do in colleges like hands on work programs and direct work field experience suffice as a real education, but only having papers, books and pencils can only get you so far. People will only learn if they want to learn. You have to give them a reason to want to.
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply another video about seaman? yes, well said. vidme will solve this.
  • [ – ] Stoonios reply love this video but holy shit you are really close to the camera like wow back up a lil lmao
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