Day one Pill | Mournful Walrus Presents

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  • [ – ] PurpleTorchGaming reply I need that pill!!!!! Also hilarious advice in the description about the vhs and leaving it in an abandoned blockbuster xD
    • [ – ] MournfulWalrus parent reply The pill has helped with my depression pretty well honestly. And I've had that bit in my descriptions since I started the Youtube channel! You are the very first person to see/comment on it!
      • PurpleTorchGaming parent reply Glad to hear you found something to help you out!!! I like how fast it got you dressed and out the door in this video!!! I'd get so much more done and have more time with my little one ^-^ It's absolutely hilarious and needs to be noticed more often!!!
  • [ – ] wvega2324 reply Quick question, did it take a long time to upload? I'm having problems uploading
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