Let's Play Empyrion: Galactic Survival Ep 1

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  • [ – ] shaiQuera reply Hi Magicslayer! Oooh I've never seen a farm before! I love this game, I've just started a series on vid.me too.
    • [ – ] Magicslayer parent reply I'm definitely enjoying it, it's everything I thought, and wished, No Mans Sky was going to be. ^_^
      • [ – ] shaiQuera parent reply Never played NMS because of the price. With the amount of amazing games out there for much cheaper, I wasn't prepared to spend NZ$90 on a game I didn't know. I would play it if it was under $20. So many people got sucked in, its quite sad!
        • Magicslayer parent reply I saved for a while to buy it, then found out it wasn't at all what it was suppose to be. It's an alright game, but not $60 US worth, and to top it all off, it hardly runs on my PC. If I move planet to planet, everything slows down to nothing. My main reason for buying it was to do what I'm now doing with Empyrion, but this issue stopped that dead in it's tracks. <_>
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