Rewind: A Tribute To The History Of Rock 'N' Roll (1960-2016) by Doodles

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  • [ – ] ProReplicaReview reply That bit in Master of Puppets, brilliant
    • [ – ] DoodlesMusic parent reply thanks :) tbh that is actually my favorite section of the whole thing.
      • [ – ] ProReplicaReview parent reply I've recorded it as well you feel like Kirk Hammett as your listening to it come together, It's parts like that which made Metallica so good, They just leap off the record, the begging of Damage INC is another one.
        • [ – ] ProReplicaReview parent reply Oh and good job too btw.
          • [ – ] DoodlesMusic parent reply yeah its such a good section. one of my faves Metallica have done. just the perfect metal song. thank man really appreciate it. check out my youtube as thats my main platform and all my content goes on there first :)
            • VanJazz parent reply (still the pro replica guy just on my music channel) Yeah I'm more into building up a Vidme now I've had it up to the back teeth with Youtube and their BS, I think they need some competition. I dunno how big you are on YT and you probably already know this but there are retweeters now on twitter, give them a vidme vid and watch the views roll in.
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