Peanut My Dog Reacts to Himself

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  • Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Hey Charlton, you have a real questing mind. You are curious about many subjects, going deeper into things. I like that. I do that myself. I currently believe everything is made up of energy/consciousness, a piece of the Creator's energy/consciousness. That includes dogs. My wife is very intuitive and can communicate fairly easily with the consciousness around us, so she has helped me shape my ideas of the world. She can "talk" to just about anything and get some kind of a reply, usually pretty coherent if not mostly brief. I guess it's all about how we listen. Maybe everything is self aware but not able to communicate it in a way we can currently understand. We would probably be amazed at how our pets see us and how much they really know about things. The one thing that is easiest to see is the love they have for us. I think that's a type of high intelligence. I'm glad you are enjoying the making of your videos. Good job!
  • ragalthor reply Doggos are good doges. I have my doggo, a german shepard featured in Dog v Balloons.
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