Dutch drone world record 3,4KM high by DJI Phantom 2

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  • adampapagan reply That drone's higher than Maria Sharapova.
  • Flyingalbatros1 reply Might be close to Rotterdam? Will find it out, when checked the details...
  • allexp reply I"m sure with the Phantom 4 in sport mode he can reach also 5km.
  • Hugebird787 reply I believe thats pretty close to a fix called RIVER. At that fix airplanes flying into Schiphol need to be at flightlevel 100 (lets say 10.000 feet -> 3 km). Next time i'll be looking outside when coming in from the South.......
  • Boltzmannbaby reply Was the drone fully charged when it started to ascend? Because as awesome as it might seem, it's pretty awful if you can only use it for a few minutes on a charge.
  • Azule reply @Jim25774 Your assuming that its a stock drone config! its clearly not stock smarten up.
  • clamchowder reply why do pilots get paid so much when anyone can do it?
  • diJMedia reply Dangerous and liar Guy http://i84.servimg.com/u/f84/18/82/98/19/phanto10.jpg
  • Axe_Man_Jude reply for anyone who may be curious about the music the song is Crystallize by Lindsey Stirling
  • MsTerry reply This was filmed near 3221 BT, Hellevoetsluis, Netherlands.
  • jim25774 reply Phantom 2 specifications say 6m/s ascent speed, 2m/s descent speed. Ascent portion of the video is not sped up (see the cars) and after roughly 68 seconds it claims 1km height. But by max ascent speed thats only around 400m. To climb 3.4km would take almost 10 minutes. Also with slower descent, to descend 3.4km would take over 28 minutes, which is little longer than 25 minutes max flight time as said by specifications. Oh, also specs state that open area communications distance is around 1km
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