Apple "Fanboy" Explains Why He Chooses The iPhone

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  • [ – ] KyanFedorov reply not the biggest fan of apple, but i accept youe opinion for what it is, i'm not gonna think less of you for it.
  • [ – ] Queer_Bird reply Android and IOS are both shit eand the fact i dont have a decent alternative makes me want to die
    • nodetact parent reply With Windows 10 Mobile very recently being scrapped out for the soon after Andromeda division, my diehard alternative technology heart ain't going for the Blackberry fad anytime soon, so I'd much rather at least see what it's like to pair up a Samsung Galaxy Note with my future Samsung Notebook 9, or even try going for a better iPhone as well, but heck yeah the absurd polar extremes in the market share don't really help when it comes to either Google's online censorship and Apple's corporate greed...
  • [ – ] sarah reply i've always been pro-apple forever (iphone and macbook owner) but i am so disappointed with the last 2 generations of iphones and how they're barely different from the last. i have a 6s currently and i'm perfectly fine with it... since it still has the headphone jack!
  • nodetact reply 'Windows vs Mac' aside 'Android vs iOS'. That's proving without a doubt why my current daily driver has only 0.01% market share
  • Fexel reply Not that it matters when you're trading privacy for convenience. That goes for both android and iphones
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