Everyone Is A White Supremacist

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  • Muddywaters reply Our world, where racists call non-racists racist because they cannot handle the fact the white race is the most tolerant race and the one most willing to allow other races a chance to join in. All they need to do is work at it and while a majority do there is a poisonous percentage that can only blame others for their inadequacies. Sadly they make up for their lack of ability and limited IQ by having the biggest mouths, ego's and sense of entitlement.
  • Star_Wars6collector reply very good video, those racists use race and colour to divide and degrade as well as they are funded by Soros who funds all those hate groups,
  • heater reply must be nice to be able to blame all of your failures, shortcomings, inadequacies, and lack of willpower and self discipline on a fictitious abstract boogeyman. when i fuck up i can only blame myself, but therein lies the motivation to get off the ground and try again. those who refuse to better themselves in favor of whining and blaming deserve neither our sympathy nor our ears.
  • RDSHorizon reply That really made my day
  • whitezombie reply TF? Dominate society? WHY? Don't we have enough shit to do,we have to be in charge of society too? WTF? Can't you people do anything for yourselves? Especially in the US. How many millions will it take? How many laws until you can finally get off our backs? Yeah all right, you were slaves once, or rather your ancestors were. Newsflash, it was black people that enslaved you. We just saved your worthless lives by buying you. If we did not You would have been killed. SO, get off out backs and go do your own thing. Come back when you evolve a brain.
  • Star_Wars6collector reply plus lots are backed by the other genocide groups that are murdering and killing millions of people in the middle east as well as Europe and Africa to erase diversity and replace it with the ISIS caliphate
  • MeinLuciFuhrer reply Mmmmmm... This video goes down so well with a pumpkin spice latte. Hey Devon, exactly how many cheesecakes went into the making of this video?
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