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  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply Don't go blind lol these were good tips, thanks!!! Ahhh just heard your sisters stories of the underground niice shots of the underground btw
    • StefanJenkins parent reply Thanks alot. Good glad you liked her video I need to give it a watch my self :) she should have asked me to get some footage of underground though @Kirsty_J
  • [ – ] November_Fox reply You're a genius! An issue I've been dealing with for the past several months is the fact my primary shooting location (my living room) is a bit too dim. Unfortunately my landlord won't let me change my bulbs for brighter ones and there is no where to plug in a lamp. But you may have just solved my problem. I have a spare iPhone with a flashlight I can set on my desk where I shoot! I can't wait to try it out! Hopefully it works.
    • StefanJenkins parent reply Thats alright mate Glad it can help :). thats annoying about the lanndlord thing. let me know if you have any issues. with It I might be able to help with them to.
  • [ – ] thesassysergio reply Good tips... Yeah filming outside at night it is always a struggle. but here in the UK with all the wind it is always a big struggle to film outside LOL
  • [ – ] TheScreaminGoat reply Watch your profanity part killed me.
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply Hmm the rain protector, an advanced technological apparatus like this should part of every vloggers must have weaponry .
  • [ – ] GengarTV reply Nr1 tip for shooting in low light situations are always "Use a lens with less than 2 f stops (less than 1.8 is ideal) and try not to use more than 6000 ISO"
  • [ – ] SurfersSelfies reply wouldnt u just need a high ISO lol its still going to look grainy even when ur in light :P but if u have too get a camera with a huge scener :D it can get as much light as possible
  • frawstakwa reply Ah, the #vidme plug, ha ha, awesome...
  • [ – ] frawstakwa reply The scaffolding outside construction sites tends to be decent...
  • [ – ] frawstakwa reply Now, what to do about those foghorns, ha ha...
  • frawstakwa reply Looks pretty good mate...
  • frawstakwa reply Looks pretty good mate...
  • [ – ] Kirsty_J reply Catch a ghost on film and sure I'll take your underground footage
  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply Your shots with the tower bridge were gorgeous!! @VidMe merch saves cameras! Love it! Great tips, friend!
    • StefanJenkins parent reply Thanks buddy . and yes it dose. also I think you could use a sock as windmic as well ahha so many uses for there stuff :)
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