3 Reasons Super Mario Odyssey Will Be Important! - Rerez Talks

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  • 8up_Gaming reply Th3 new Mario looks weird but that's not bad. I almost didn't buy the switch because I thought it was a bad concept but now I love out. Nice video. I might be buying Mario now
  • AndreasNordboe reply Hey awesome analysis dude! Really enjoyed this, a lot of valid points and I've already pre-orded Odyssey! Stoked! Just wanted to point out a few things. - Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 were more linerar than open world in comparison to 64 (even Nintendo has said so themselves in the link I've provided) - Super Mario 64 wasn't the last time we got a similar gameplay and an approach to open world as Odyssey is going to be, I think you might have forgotten the Gamecube title "Super Mario Sunshine", which was the second installment in this series that came out in 2002. Sunshine is listed alongside 64 and Odyssey in the same category! :D Click here for Nintendos official placing of these games: http://aminoapps.com/page/super-mario-odyssey/5020810/3d-mario-timeline-recommend-to-read-all-of-it Not bashing anything, just wanted to point a few things out :D Cheers
  • Papersharps reply Great video dude! Interesting you said it's not like Galaxy, but like Mario 64, because I expected it to be like Galaxy, something new and unique in a Mario universe. I'm hyped either way! I'm new to vid.me, but I try and make some discussion/analysis type videos myself on video games, so if you're interested, come and visit. :-) I recently uploaded an analysis of the entire Assassin's Creed franchise!
  • GaryLetsPlay reply Hey :) I gave u a Upvote to your Video ;) If u want you can do the same thing to me
  • lophill reply https://vid.me/lophill sub4sub
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