WHAT'S ON MY FACE?! - Either.io: Would You Rather? [Episode 7]

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  • [ – ] aurorachao7 reply #MySaberIsLit I would rather have a helper monkey because imagine a monkey helping you make cookies... That's just awesome.
    • GreyMovies parent reply Yoooo a cookie-making monkey would be amazing! I may or may not be slightly regretting my decision... lol. By the way, thanks for watching and commenting! Means a lot!
  • [ – ] CantCat_ reply #MySaberisLit i would take the helper monkey because i dont want to kill anybody and a helper monkey can bring me tea to my bed. That would be awesome! xD
    • GreyMovies parent reply *Correction: You’re the ONLY person to have ever commented the hashtag! Just realized you’re the same commenter from a previous episode! Thanks a ton!
    • GreyMovies parent reply Haha, yeah, I’d be scared about a lightsaber for the safety of myself and others... but I’m such a Star Wars nerd that I couldn’t pass it up! Thanks for watching and commenting! You’re one of the only people to have ever commented the hashtag lol appreciate it!
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