David Seaman Is Taking Over Vidme

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  • [ – ] Vulcan_Pirate_News reply His comment was more to give the finger to youtube for treating him so poorly. I followed him here and just posted my first video. I hope he does well here and that my future videos will contribute to his efforts.
  • [ – ] Dingus_McGee reply You nailed it Coolkid. <following>
  • [ – ] whatshappening reply I like your video and your attitude.
  • [ – ] CappingFilms reply I'm assuming it would be bad if pewdiepie got vidme 😂😂
    • CoolKidCroc parent reply Not really, well i don't think he'll come over, he has no need to but it would bring a lot of people over to vidme so that would be great.
  • [ – ] Iamnotmyideak reply Like your attitude and smarts. All sites are either growing or dying and Vidme is growing. It's a good thing.
  • [ – ] LucidFlare reply When you mentioned that you were 14 I was kind of baffled. Keep doing what you're doing man, you've got potential. I'm extremely new here and I stumbled into whatever is going on right now. Thanks for the video helped me understand what all this is about. :)
  • [ – ] betsymackeil reply I only clicked on your video because it had David Seaman in the title, and at first I wasn't interested in following a 14-year-old creator. However, after reading your respectful replies to the negative comments, and your thoughtful insights about David and the fact that a new creator brings another segment of viewers with it impressed me. You have "old-soul" wisdom.
  • [ – ] Dan1el reply "mistaking confidence for cockiness" "no, that's not what he meant" Exactly. Other Vid.me creators (e.g., QuazzVids) are having difficulty understanding what even a 14-yr old (who is admittedly not even well-acquainted with #DavidSeaman's content) understands. Why? The other Vid.me creators want drama--at the cost of someone (#DavidSeaman)'s reputation. Pathetic. It's not that hard to understand David's angle--and to make a huge fuss about it just shows bad faith.
    • [ – ] CoolKidCroc parent reply Thank you Dan1el, I think most of them just want drama to start. He brought over plenty of new people on this site so I'm not complaining, he should be welcomed ffs not shunned away.
      • [ – ] QuazzVids parent reply I wasn't trying to cause drama. Also was supporting him joining in my vid, for the record. So just because @Dan1el refuses to acknowledge the reality of my video and instead insists to insert his own reality wherever his childish ego pleases, doesn't mean that I misunderstand this simple concept.
  • [ – ] Sharpwing reply I like the idea of someone saying that they're going to be the best without a doubt in their mind. To me it's only cocky if they say it in a condescending tone. Otherwise I view it as someone with a lot of ambition and a goal for the future. Take a page from One Piece if you're a fellow weeb guys. Everyone has a dream. Some are different from others and some are the same, but we can help one another and compete to accomplish our goals. We should plot our course for our ideals and dreams, even if we never reach them.
  • [ – ] StayandPlay reply Just a bunch of people making a hub bub over nothing. Appreciate and love this video. He's not my competition so my feelings are meh on this subject.
    • CoolKidCroc parent reply Not my competition either, unless we're competing to be on the front page but still it's fine if he's on this site.
  • norefill reply smartest 14 year old ever!
  • [ – ] norefill reply Smartest 14 year that I have ever heard.
  • [ – ] DamienSmith reply When adult world and kids worlds collide
  • CoolKidCroc reply I just want to say thank you guys for all the nice words and support on this video. I just hit 90 followers and I'll try and do something special for 100. Anyways thanks guys <3 ^_^
  • [ – ] Stragen reply another vote and follow for you - P.S , Im here because of David :P
  • [ – ] mosshead_hunter reply tbh im glad hes here. i hope more ppl come here too i hope u blow up on vidme before more ppl come here since theres less competition rn
  • [ – ] TM298 reply kill yourself faggot
  • variant reply David didn't mean it like a jerk, it was really a jab at YouTube bc YouTube is censoring the truth. Maybe vidme should have top channels for each category so people won't be so upset.
  • [ – ] 512markdd reply Well said
  • [ – ] Zaemon reply Here is your vote.
  • [ – ] Vulcan_Pirate_News reply David Seaman has vanished from Vidme.
  • Kat214 reply Here cause of David, up vote for you. :)
  • BestManGear reply your argument seems valid to me
  • [ – ] Craftwithcookies reply Really like this video, about the David Seaman drama. I hope to be the # 1... uhh... indie game channel? I don't even know...
  • [ – ] Germanilluminati reply Well, IHE_official (I Hate Everything) has 1 Million on YouTube.
  • [ – ] JungleJape reply This is such a fragile Enviornment. Seaman is like some sort of juggernaut lol
  • [ – ] GloriaBerry reply For a 14 year old, you are really smart. I am here because of David, i never knew about vidme.
  • [ – ] AnonymousLobotomist reply Great video and commentary! I created a vid.me account to follow @davidseaman and I'm finding new channels like yours every day :)
    • CoolKidCroc parent reply Thanks Lobotormist for teh follow, it means a lot and this is exactly why I'm thankful for David. if it wasn't for him you wouldn't have found this video or my channel.
  • [ – ] Saint_James reply Leave the poor bastard alone people, having the last name seamen is enough.
  • redleader1 reply David didn't mean it like a jerk, it was really a jab at YouTube . YouTube is censoring the truth. Maybe vidme should have top channels for each category so people won't be so upset. David isn't gonna upset your gig coolkid. Best thing for you to do is research the severity of what David seaman is talking about. It does affect everyone in one way or another. SHARE DAVID SEAMAN.....Have a nice day.
  • [ – ] Laten_Braker reply "Recent drama" Ok kids, there's nothing to be scared of. Remaining ignorant of the truth about the world you live in, doesn't make it go away. People like David are putting themselves at risk to present the truth that's being hidden from you, and is essential to making informed life decisions, especially regarding the freedoms you take for granted.
    • CoolKidCroc parent reply I'm just curious if you watched my entire video because it is drama that i don't agree with, I believe David should be welcomed onto vidme.
  • [ – ] variant reply Can you help me please?? I got notifications on my phone that people commented to me, but I don't know how to find it. The other thing, I don't know how to comment to a specific person, other than like this, to the original poster.
    • CoolKidCroc parent reply I'm not to sure how the mobile app works but on browser it tells me how many notifications i have and who they are from. I'd say email vidme and tell them your problem so they can fix it, they'll get back to you very soon btw. Their email is "hello@vid.me"
  • Vermonster reply I followed David to Vidme and i am surfin other content not only his videos .
  • [ – ] variant reply You're a smart kid btw.
  • KimFL reply what do you mean by vidmefoward? what was that
  • joeyamadeus reply Take that loser.
  • [ – ] joeyamadeus reply Cool Kid Croc more like Cool Kid Cock
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