Movie Theory #1: The X-men Timeline Explained

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  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply Lol yeah, X-men Origins did not fit in. This was very well thought out.
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply This is pretty brilliant and solid. I don't think I can contradict anything in this explanation. Good work, man. I used to be big into the Zelda continuity until so many games made it too complicated and I kind of fell off playing the games. Would you be interested in tackling that?
    • [ – ] Marzipandorica parent reply Actually yeah. I do believe there is an official timeline in the art book i got with Breath of the Wild but it doesn't explain every game. So i would have to do a bit research on that.
      • [ – ] theoldsparrow parent reply That would be really cool if you did. The hand held games are the point of contention for me mostly because I only had the original Gameboy and never really got the handheld consoles besides that.
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