The Indispensable Future of White Masculinity

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  • CrunchyBacon25 reply Great video and so true.
  • gsdwoman reply Outstanding.
  • crforfreedom reply Very true. We've talked before VP about the fact that in the end, the only others who are allowed to remain are those who can sustain themselves. By accident, in looking for home building ideas, I stumbled across the earthship building concept. I started watching a plethora of videos and the concept in detail. While wildly impractical, especially for my needs, there were some great ideas. The biggest I noticed was the large community of hippy types and tree huggers all involved with building the earthship home concept.... ALL OF WHOM WITHOUT EXCEPTION ARE TO A MAN AND WOMAN; WHITE. I haven't even seen an Asian sneak in the colonies yet. From the vids I've seen on YouTube, it seems to be pretty much a white phenomenon. I thought that noteworthy....
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