✰ASMR✰ Amira | June Patreon Appreciation | RP, Shoutouts, Q&A and Brain Melting Triggers

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  • FidanAliyeva reply I fell asleep right in the middle of gentle blowing, though I always reach the end of your videos. This is the 2nd time I'm falling asleep close to the end☺️ Dearest Lisa, You & your Magnificent Art are a PURE PERFECTION and day by day you're becoming even more PERFECT! I slept so well, I feel so nice and fully refreshed! Thank you so very much for MIRACLES you creat & gift US! Loved Amira! An extremely captivating personagé!.. and that sweet accent of hers... I love how easily you speak in different accents! Such pleasure for ears!😌Also, you are a WONDERFUL painter!😍I couldn't take my eyes off you not even a second!😍Loved this video so much that I just didn't want it to end! Can't wait another rendez ~ vous with her🤗 P.S. Hope you're doing fine and feeling well, My Dear💋 Merci beaucoup pour touté!🌹 ♥️JE T'AIME TELLEMENT♥️
  • [ – ] Emodude_911 reply I haven't seen Amira in a very long time. It's good to see her make a return. Thank you for keeping me relaxed. =)
  • [ – ] AnthroBoyPrime reply Awesome 👏. I really liked the fast and fleeting movements of your hands and fingers at the beginning. They were like the moments of a snakes tongue when being curious and checking things out. You're so good at taking mannerism of animals, reptiles and reinterpreting them effectively for asmr. Also your septum piercing works so well with Amiras character. it was like a hypnotic focal point whilst you were swaying, and made me feel so sleepy. Thank you Indigo 👍😊
    • IndigoStars parent reply Thanks so much Chris ^__^ the mannerisms happen pretty much naturally when I get 'into character'. I'm so glad it all worked out!
  • [ – ] ThePieceofEden reply Great makeup
  • [ – ] Fi1513 reply Did you have to do the 'dots' for the scales individually? If so did it take longer then doing the make-up for Angela? Either way it's a very cool effect and shows how much you enjoy what you do. 🙂💜
  • SmoothRiverrock reply Great make up and acting. Very glad you brought this superb character back. She could sell me anything! Thank you. <3
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