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  • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas reply Vidme Rules, Unlike youtube they are so corrupted, Their greed, their disloyalty, their dishonesty, their selfishness, their stupidity and their neglect to their small channels has stooped themselves even lower. Ever since google brought youtube in 2006 They do not care for the small channels as they left us in the dark and leave us nothing but restrictions. Youtube only looks out for the big channels, big corporations and celebrity endorsements, this has now pissing me off since 2009, the only thing that I am mostly furious about, is the fact they knew about the subscribing bug glitch as this has been going on since Spring 2012. I had over 10,000 subscribers and then it went down to over 7,000 subscribers and as I saw their video titled 'Let's talk about subscriptions' they deliberately beat themselves around the bush by telling us such bullshit when all they needed to do is make a view clarifications and be completely honest about the issue of the subscribing glitch, but instead they...more have proven to be lazy, bone idol, manipulative and untrustworthy to us. Youtube only likes us users when we are on their platform kissing its ass, but I am here to tell you as it is, youtube is a piece of shit website full of corporate bullshit and greed, that's why I'm not returning back to youtube they really disgust me with their lack of inability. Fuck youtube. Vidme all the way.
    • Fat_White_Elephant parent reply I just tried joining a site called Noob Tube which is new website you can apply for for channel growth if you have under 10,000 subs. I got banned immediately, no explanation nothing and they blocked me on twitter too. If they are an extension of YouTube the whole thing is doomed!
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