Before Sonic Mania, There Was Sonic Megamix

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  • [ – ] Martin12341 reply Nice Video :)
  • [ – ] DanielShephardOliveira reply I didn't know that the maker of Sonic Mania is also the maker of Megamix. I congratulate them for their job for SEGA community
    • [ – ] StuffWePlay parent reply Absolutely stunning work! I think Sega would do well to keep bringing in such dedicated fans to work on official projects
      • [ – ] DanielShephardOliveira parent reply And to let die the Modern and Boom Sonic.... I disliked Forces... one of the worst games made by SEGA past Yuji Naka. I disliked their soundtrack, but Sonic Mania can do much better.
        • [ – ] StuffWePlay parent reply I've yet to play Forces. Don't think it's out here until the 7th. I think this year has sent a clear message to them. They see what people actually like. If Forces doesn't sell well, they'll especially get the message
          • [ – ] DanielShephardOliveira parent reply I know, the gameplay is cool, and Infinite is a good antagonist, but, people were telling that Tails is going to die in Forces.
            • [ – ] StuffWePlay parent reply What? That would be absolutely idiotic of them. Wouldn't put it past Sonic Team though
              • DanielShephardOliveira parent reply In their canon series, Tails wouldn't die, but they are putting Tails to die permanetely. Amy is so stalker that annoys Sonic each time she gets after him. Most probably SEGA can do a plot twist around those two. Amy can die and Sonic can be very upset and kick Infinite's butt.
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