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  • [ – ] KennKong reply The problem with the anti-government libertarian philosophy is that it fails to recognize the insuperable benefits of cooperation in society. People will want to cooperate because almost everyone benefits. The mechanism of that cooperation will be a government. We can debate the best structure and powers of our government, but there will always be a government. It also ignores human nature. Psychologists have amply demonstrated that any time you put more than a few people together to achieve a common task, they will choose a leader. Libertarians would be much better served to stop making grand pronouncements about how things should be, and focus on making sure that individuals have the right to criticize the government they have, and to change it as necessary. I think most of the problems we have (in the USA) with our government are due to people trading away their liberty for (an unwarranted sense of) security, comfort and simply not having to think for themselves. Stupid people ge...moret stupid government.
    • Bitchspot parent reply That's one of the points I make all the time. Even if every government just vanished magically tomorrow, it would be back in place next week because that's just how humans operate. We always have a hierarchy. It has existed in every single society mankind has ever had. I have no idea how libertarians, especially the anarchist variety, don't understand that.
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