Benjamin Netanyahu: Confidence From The Tightest Script On Earth(44)

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  • [ – ] digitalbroadcasts reply Have you ever seen the Uganda (=33) president, Idi Amin Dada interview, and speaks of Netenyahu's brother being killed in an Airport hijacking? (Operation Entebbe) I'm thinking our entire history books are total BS..., including Idi Amin evicting the Jews from Uganda.
    • [ – ] Shab-AlMutawa parent reply You've reminded me Ide again! I'd completely forgotten about Dada and his pile of unbelievable lies.
      • digitalbroadcasts parent reply Our history is nothing but unbelievable lies. The Zionist mafia went crazy after WWII, and especially early 60's jumped off the tracks. We'll never be free, until we shutdown (((their))) control of the monetary system. Great video by the way.
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