Islamic Iraq wants to execute 16yo German Girl

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  • [ – ] redbullcorona reply The issue is she joined ISIS,so they look at her as part of that group.Hopefully she will get home safely.
    • [ – ] sowhat-vidme parent reply These savage monsters better not hurt her. I do not support terrorist sympathizers, but she is just a 16 year old girl. And she is German. I really mean it, they better let her go, these cavemen. Nobody does things like that to a German girl. I am not astonished that the corrupt German government does nothing to help her. But soldiers swear an oath on the constitution and they protect German citizens. They are not traitors like large parts of the German government, the police , the courts, and the MSM are. Why does the fucking cunt Merkel not do anything? Because she is a treacherous piece of shit with no honour, morals, or ethics, that ghoulish cow. I say, bring in the C-160s, filled up with badass soldiers, and free that girl !!!
  • [ – ] FluffyDoggies reply Did you mean subhumans when you said submarines?
    • Inaflap parent reply Some words like Untermensch are verboten in the Fatherland. It is not just in Germany. If you disagree with the population replacement, the thought police will break down your door at 4am and drag you off for interrogation. It's coming to a town near you soon.
    • sowhat-vidme parent reply Last year the German police raided 60 homes all over Germany because people exchanged their fears about open borders in a non-public facebook group. Here is the link The German state is very quick to punish Germans who do not comply. Inaflap is correct.
  • [ – ] AndyOch reply Let's bring this back to all households to Europe!
  • [ – ] SmartAss_WhiteBoy reply I just watched the video of her. She is toast! She will be raped and then have her head sawed off with a knife, I`m afraid.
    • sowhat-vidme parent reply I demand that the German military special forces free her. That is intolerable. I said a couple of rude things in the video, that is only about 10% of how much I would have liked to have given it to that fucking hellhole of a country, believe me. That girl has to be freed. There is no discussion about it.
  • [ – ] SmartAss_WhiteBoy reply This has happened before! If the media had covered the story instead of ignoring it these girls could see the truth! The other two girls died when they were with ISIS.
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